[A] <Clinical> Recruiting Mythic Raiders!

Is recruiting for relaxed mythic progression!

We are reforming on Frostmourne and have roughly 3-4 CORE spots up for grabs!
We are a two night a week mythic guild that doesn’t take itself too seriously, We want to enjoy raid while making our time effective. We talk smack in trash and focus for pulls. It’s a mature environment most of us are in our 30s and have been playing this game for a long time.
In short, we want to make the most of our time in raid with mature people in a structured environment who can have a laugh but who also want to and have the ability to get things done.

Clinical as a guild achieved 6/8M Uldir on khaz horde before transferring to barth horde and getting 7/9M there. We called it quits after M mecha due to classic as well as barth horde dying and not being able to recruit!

Wednesday- 8pm-11pm
Sunday- 8pm-11pm

MDPS- LOW - Rogue
RDPS- MED - Mage-Lock

If you are new to the mythic scene don’t be afraid to reach out as all it takes is the right attitude and a willingness to learn/better yourself!

Exceptional players, please apply regardless of our recruitment needs!

If you have read this far thanks for your time, if you have any questions at all please btag myself or simply msg someone from the guild.

Thanks again


LF A Mage as our Mages like to keep switching to melee DPS. xD

Howdy guys,

We currently have a spot open for a healer. Pref a Hpal or Disc, we may look at a solid monk. We are looking for a player with a lot of mythic experience for this role.

As always any exceptional players can apply regardless of class and spec, If you bang and you can dodge swirlys touch base with us and have a chat.



They made me switch from DPS to Tank, definitely not because I was doing all keys as a tank…

But we are definitely still looking for some players to fill some roles, pretty active on discord and doing keys, casual hardcore 2 night a week raiding guild (at the moment)

Would love to have a chat if you think this guild is for you.

Do you guys still need a holy pally? Just xfered here 469 ilvl solid gear and good heals 3/12m exp