[A] Celtic Brotherhood is Recruiting!

Hello, I’m Breclonn. I am the Guild Leader and Raid Leader of the guild Celtic Brotherhood. It was the Mentor guild on alliance side for this server, when that was a thing. So hugs and stuff. I write this message to extend an offer for people to come join us in pushing through the rest of the Shadowlands expansion.

Why would you join us? That is a difficult question. We do not get far in raiding, this most recent tier we cleared normal and got about halfway through heroic when we started splitting the raid time between alts and mains. I know, I know, super impressive. We have no real pvp group, though if you are, please convince us. Smishing is good. We raid two nights a week, Wednesday and Sunday, from 8-1030pm eastern time. We place only the requirement of fun on your class. We have drunk raids, though it usually involves me surprising people with my getting drunk and they join. Also ask about your free copy of Got Milk if you join the guild and raid with us. We mainly just want to have fun doing stuff in game together. 18+ too, we don’t really hold back with our jokes.

The raiding isn’t really what sold me at the start and doesn’t keep me logging in every week. I will have to tell you a bit about myself though. I started playing WoW in vanilla, between BWL and AQ coming out. I remember Vael the guild killer. I also spent hours farming for Headmaster’s Charge in scholo. I became a hardcore raider in BC. Top 100 in the world for US guild on Sunwell clears. After halfway through Wotlk, I drifted away from the hardcore side of things. I joined Celtic Brotherhood right when MoP started. Slowly worked my way into raiding. I took over the raid leading in WoD, guild leader in Legion. I have a bit of experience in WoW. I can say without hesitation that I have had the most fun with this group, compared to any other, in this game. I log in each and every week for them. If it wasn’t for them, I would have been gone to a different game already. It is the best compliment and recommendation I can give them.

That doesn’t help you decide to join though. I can’t really help with that much, besides describe why I stay. If it sounds like this is up your alley, toss us a message. Breclon #1921.


you can always talk to me also…A officer/Raid assist in Celtic Brotherhood Btag icebl4de#1319

Hey Look! This was how I found you guys <3

Seriously, if you want to have fun, enjoy off color joking around in raid along with good music and great peeps, drop by and check us out sometime.

Still looking for more to be admitted in the wet embrace of the Holy Milk!

We’re a great group of people - definitely +18 only, our guild line and discord ranges into the adult discussion pretty often. Currently we’re 5/10 heroic - mostly because we got bored in normal, though we’re still doing the last 4 with the skip. We’re hit and miss on how easy our last two bosses are when we go in. But we have fun! Hoping to get our 6/10 tonight!

Some of us like mythics. Some of us don’t. Some of us pvp, some of us don’t. We’re really not a “we do this stuff all the time” guild. We’re trying to do transmog runs as a group though?

But yeah. We have fun together. And that’s what matters to us.

hey, we did! 6/10!

Im thinking about applying. I am in a guild that I have been pretty loyal to. the big problem is there are only 2 of us that ever get on regularly, and 3 more every so often. Most nights I am just playing by myself and doing raid/dungeon finder. I have a 231 Holy priest, and a 245 Unholy DK. The other guy and I have been thinking of switching guilds. So we are checking things out.