[A] <Carnage Asada> | Wednesday/Thursday 8pm EST | Open spots for AQ/Naxx Core

Raid Info:
:drop_of_blood: (Red) Wednesday 8pm-11pm EST - 47min BWL + MC/Onyxia
AQ Wednesday/Thursday 8pm-12am EST until one night clears
Our core group is more competitive and looks to push the limits of what your class can offer. Discord presence, raid addons, world buffs, consumables & positive attitudes are all required.
Loot: Loot Council - Transparent system with 1 raider per week invited to listen upon request

:large_orange_diamond: (Gold) Sunday 8pm-11pm EST - 90min MC (Looking to enter BWL)
A more casual raid experience. Content is still cleared, just at a more laid back pace. Discord presence required.
Loot: Soft Reserves MS > OS - Every raid has one Hard-Reserved item. Bindings/Eye of Sulfuras are LC - Mats/Patterns/BoE’s to the guild bank and can be handed out if needed.

- Red Team 

Paladin: High (Holy)
Priest: High (Holy/Disc)
Rogue: High
Warrior: Low (Fury)
Druid: High (Feral or Resto)
Hunter: Med
Mage: High
Warlock: Med

- Gold Team

Paladin: High(Holy)
Priest: High (Heals/Shadow)
Rogue: High
Warrior: High (Prot/Fury)
Druid: High (Resto/Feral)
Hunter: High
Mage: High
Warlock: High

For any questions, info or interest in joining please reply to this post, join our server or contact HBK#8131 , Cammyj#0808 In Discord
https:// discord.gg/kyzzFqN