[A] <Calculated> Recruiting Tues/Sun Night Raiding (8/8 in BWL)

Calculated Calculated is a dedicated raiding guild currently 8/8 BWL with both of our two main raid groups and an alt group.

Schedule Tuesday/Sunday: 8:30pm-11:30pm server time

ZG throughout the week!

Loot System Our current loot system is a premium +2 loot lock system. The system is designed to fairly distribute Premium Loot. Loot is divided into two categories. General loot (tier gear), and Premium loot (weapons, trinkets). The loot is further divided into priority, meaning a piece of gear will go to a specific class before others. Once a raider you can have open rolls on general loot. For premium loot no player will have more than 2 premium loot items higher than any other player in their role group, (physical dps, caster dps, healer, tanks) We have reviewed all the loot in all current raids and upcoming AQ and have marked each piece of loot as either general loot or premium, and which class it is prioritized first. This is tracked on excel spreadsheet which anyone in the guild can access. You can see how much loot/premium loot you and others have, as well as review what gear is prioritized to which role group.

Recruitment needs:
Holy Paladin
Any exceptional DPS will be considered
Msg myself York#1782, or ingame for more details!

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