[A] <Calculated> 8/8, 10/10 Recruiting

Calculated Calculated is a dedicated raiding guild currently 8/8 BWL with both of our two main raid groups and an alt group.

Schedule Tuesday/Thursday: 8:30pm-11:30pm server time Sunday: 8:30pm-11:30pm during progression if required.
Wednesday: Alt raid 8pm-til MC/ONY/BWL (primarily MC now as alts need gear still)

About Us Our guild is all about a balance of being a family, having fun, and clearing content. With both of our raids now right at ~2 hours each we feel we are able to joke, get to know each other, and have fun while crushing it.

Our guild is mostly 30+ adults that like many of you who played WoW Classic 15 years ago we are back for more - only now with families, kids, and jobs :slight_smile:

Loot System Our current loot system is a premium +X loot lock system. All weapons are classed in their own category and premium items are +2 per person (meaning once you have received 2 premium items you are ineligible until your class all hits +2). Free rolls on tier gear even for new raiders with few exceptions like priests/resto druids where we want them to all get the tier two 3 piece set bonus asap. To support this we have with all items charted out in an openly shared google sheet with all items and noted prios where needed. Additionally raid mats and greens/blue BOE drops are sent to the guild bank were they are sold/sharded and the gold and mats are first come first serve to any in good standing raider looking for them for their raiding gear. Lastly we offer a referral reward for guild raiders who recruit another permanent guild raider - so if you join us and stay then bring a friend you’ll be rewarded! *Lastly for new folks note that most loot in MC has been distributed so for many items they are freebies simply because we have been running MC for months now and we are sharding a ton anyhow.

Recruitment needs:
Resto Druid
Holy Pally
Off Tank/DPS Warriors

Pst Ericl ingame for more details!

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Hello friends, give us a message :slight_smile: