A <But My Parse> 5/8 M TEP US Proudmoore LF Melee/Range dps/Tank

Still recruiting! Bump!

Still looking for some great people, dont hesitate to get a hold of anyone!

We still have a spot or two open in our mythic roster! Message us to apply!

Tank positions open!

Still looking for a dedicated TANK and a few geared dps!

Bumping post!

Still recruiting! Hit us up!

Made our best progress on Ashvane tonight, getting her to ~30%. Recruiting strong dps to help us with the push!

Bumping for next mythic kill! Be apart of the experience!

Still on the hunt for some tanks :purple_heart:

Bump bump bump!

Bump! Check my logs and then apply within!

Still actively recruiting!

Still need dps range melee and tanks apply!

Raiding with a couple new trials tonight, message us if you are interested in joining! 4% on Ashvane - should die tonight!

Bring on the recruits!

4/8 Mythic Hype!

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^^ Look up ^^

4/8M now and still recruiting skilled dps!

Looks like a fun guild, I’ll throw a free Bump!

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