(A) BSM 48/54 25m | T & W 8p-11p EST - LFM

BSM 17/17 (3 Drake) light hardcore raiding guild on Pagle.

Our core is built up from former higher end guilds with players that have extensive knowledge of the WOTLK content. We have developed a great chemistry while keeping a fun but strict raiding environment. Our goal is top 20 server, while not overburdening ourselves with drama. We have an atmosphere that we believe can rival anywhere else.

Raid Schedule (EST Server Time):
•Tuesday: 8pm-11pm (25m clear)
•Wednesday: 8pm-11pm (25m Clean Up)
•Thursday: 8pm-11pm (10m optional or a 25m Optional Second Clear)

Expectations / Requirements: We require our roster to know the class they play and have proper raiding professions as well. We expect that our raiders have integrity above all else, we are all adults and expect the same level of respect you show others in the real world.

Attendance is mandatory (we all get it life happens, just tell us and we can work it out).

Loot: We do a loot council. We ask that you use thatsmybis This is for complete transparency (this is a must). We don’t wish to make it about nonsense and spend wasted time during raid.

Our Current Needs
Druid - Feral with the TANK or KITTY as the OS
Mage - Arcane going to Fire
Shaman - Enhance
Hunter - all spec
Priest - Disc
Warrior - Prot with an DPS OS
Warlock - ALL

Any Outstanding Players if you are good at your class we want you regardless of spec.

Warcraft logs are required for a trial into BSM, if you can not provide this we will not be interested in you.

Contact the recruitment Officer Below in Discord or in Game:
GM’s - Grahamaton#9640 or Burden
Or someone in BSM can help you find an officer!

Disc/holy priest here, 4.2k GS cleared everything cept for OS3D so far. Thursday nights dont work for me but tuesday and wednesday do

Logs are Heit on pagle

Hey - Still in search of those few DPS slots. Esp a GOOD DISC and a GOOD ENHANCE!