Server: US Aman’thul, Alliance
Time zone: AEST (UTC/GMT+10)
Guild creation date: 28/07/2013

Our recruitment is now open for ALL classes & specialisations prior to the release of the Shadowlands expansion. Whether you’re looking to join us for the social aspects or for a potential raiding position in Castle Nathria, we’d love to have you on board!

What makes us different?
Bros strive for a community atmosphere and a “kill bosses while having fun” vibe.
We have members that age between 18 and 60, plenty of female & male players, casual & not-so-casual players.
We aim to clear every raid in Heroic difficulty prior to the release of the next content-patch, thus gaining the Ahead of the Curve achievements.
A lot of us play other video games together and it’s this sense of friendship inside video games that keep us coming back to play together every new raid release.

Raid schedule
Wednesday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Monday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

8.3 Ny’alotha, the Waking City
12/12N - 17/02/2020 - Fourth raid week - Realm #8
12/12H - 04/03/2020 - Seventh raid week - Realm #7
8.2 The Eternal Palace
8/8N - 15/07/2019 - First raid week - Realm #8
8/8H - 21/08/2019 - Seventh raid week - Realm #10
8.1.5 Crucible of Storms
2/2N - 17/04/2019 - First raid week - Realm #6
2/2H - 15/05/2019 - Fifth raid week - Realm #16
8.1 Battle of Dazar’alor
9/9N - 04/02/2019 - Second raid week - Realm #7
9/9H - 15/04/2019 - Twelfth raid week - Realm #21
8.0 Uldir
8/8N - 19/09/2018 - Third raid week - Realm #19
8/8H - 07/11/2018 - Tenth raid week - Realm #24


Class Specialisation Status Priority
Death Knight Blood Open N/A
Death Knight Frost Open N/A
Death Knight Unholy Open N/A
Demon Hunter Havoc Open N/A
Demon Hunter Vengeance Open N/A
Druid Balance Open N/A
Druid Feral Open N/A
Druid Guardian Open N/A
Druid Restoration Open N/A
Hunter Beast Mastery Open N/A
Hunter Marksmanship Open N/A
Hunter Survival Open N/A
Mage Arcane Open N/A
Mage Fire Open N/A
Mage Frost Open N/A
Monk Brewmaster Open N/A
Monk Mistweaver Open N/A
Monk Windwalker Open N/A
Paladin Holy Open N/A
Paladin Protection Open N/A
Paladin Retribution Open N/A
Priest Discipline Open N/A
Priest Holy Open N/A
Priest Shadow Open N/A
Rogue Assassination Open N/A
Rogue Outlaw Open N/A
Rogue Subtlety Open N/A
Shaman Elemental Open N/A
Shaman Enhancement Open N/A
Shaman Restoration Open N/A
Warlock Affliction Open N/A
Warlock Demonology Open N/A
Warlock Destruction Open N/A
Warrior Arms Open N/A
Warrior Fury Open N/A
Warrior Protection Open N/A

Please contact one of our officers or our guild masters (listed below) for more information or to get an invite! You can also reply to this thread if you’d like as well and someone will get back to you!

Thank you!

Epibby - Guild Master & Raid Leader
Saravandella - Co-Guild Master
Ultramagmus - Officer (Raid shotcaller)
Kirza - Officer (Mythic+ coordinator)

Wait, why are we looking for more trees? We have trees. I’m a tree, salad’s a tree, see we have trees.


Looking for cool people who like to chit chat while also healing at the same time, difficult work I know… but what can I say we’re that good.


Same reason we’re looking for holy paladins.

Because we can.

Updated recruitment above. Now looking for ranged DPS (non-Hunter) & a healing Priest with Shadow off-spec.

We are looking to have a strong roster for the Castlevania raid or whatever its called in Shadowlands, come, join us, you know you want to.