[A] <Bros> - AotC Raiding - 7/8H & 8/8N - NEW CASUAL RAID NIGHT!

Server: US - Aman’thul / Dath’remar / Khaz’goroth - Alliance
Time zone: AEDT (UTC/GMT+11)
Guild creation date: 28/07/2013

:fire: MAIN RAID NIGHTS :fire:
Wednesday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Monday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

:star: CASUAL RAID NIGHTS :star:
Thursdays - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
No attendance requirements, no previous raiding experience required & minimal item level requirements! All classes and specialisations (if role available) welcome!

:game_die: Raid progression in Dragonflight :game_die:
Vault of the Incarnates - Patch 10.0
8/8H - TBA - TBA - TBA
8/8N - 26/12/22 - 2nd raid week - Realm 10th

Recruitment Status

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What makes us different?
Bros strive for a community atmosphere and a “kill bosses while having fun” vibe.
We aim to clear every raid in Heroic difficulty prior to the release of the next content-patch, thus gaining the Ahead of the Curve achievements.
A lot of us play other video games together and it’s this sense of friendship inside video games that keep us coming back to play together every new raid release.

Please contact one of our our guild masters (listed below) for more information or to get an invite! You can also reply to this thread if you’d like as well and someone will get back to you!

Thank you!

Epidemic - Guild Master & Raid Leader
Saravandella - Co-Guild Master