[A] <Boop> Recruiting!

Boop is looking to get some more warm bodies into its ranks!

Boop is currently on 6/12H Ny’alotha progression, and is looking to fill out the core team to finish this off and possibly step into Mythic

Healers and DPS are what we need most, but tanks, also feel free to join us.
There is always room for more active toons!

Raiding is on Saturday nights 7:30pm server time, with optional Sundays.
M+ runs are always happening, and if there is enough interest we will look to set up some sort of PvP night once a week as well.

We also love our Casual players, leveling toons, those who are newly returned, and those who are here for the first time thanks to a certain pandemic we won’t name here. Alts are also welcome!

We run a relaxed chilled guild, no drama, good laughs, and unlimited Boops.

Add me on Bnet Cornellious#1289, or find me in game for a chat!