[A] Bloodsail Buccaneers <Purgatory> T/Th 630-930 Est

Guild name: Purgatory
Type: PvE, Eventually Semi-hardcore
Raid Days as of right now: Tues/Thurs 630-930 server (potentially will be adjusted and change, but not by much)
Contact: @Timoune
Recruiting: 1 Prot and 1 Arms Warrior, 1 Rogue, Warlocks, 2 Arcane Mages (or Mages willing to respec), all Shamans, all heals (except druid).
Progression: use to be 5/6 SSC with Dark Side of Elune until Reform. Would love to go back in ASAP to get 10/10! I have 10/10 experience on my alt and would like to get us there!
Loot: BiS, MS/OS
Requirements: Need to be LGBTQIA+ Friendly. No disgusting behavior allowed (i.e. racism, sexism, bullying of any kind)

Guilds are disbanding and I would love to have you on our team! So if you need a new home to hang out with chill experienced raiders, this is the place for you! However, if you are not attuned yet, THAT IS OKAY! We will get you there! We will also happily take any leveling toons you may have. Want to see and progress current content like SSC/TK? Cool! Cause we need YOU! Again, doesn’t matter your level, gear or experience as long as you’re a cool person to hang out with, we’ll get there together. You can find us in where we’re rebuilding after our old home was surprisingly stripped from under our feet. If you think you got what it takes then please reach out and contact Timoune!

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God you guys are my ideal guild. I wish I could raid those days, I have to on my main! RIP!

But seriously you sound awesome. What’s the server like over there? Maybe I’ll level a shaman and be a casual Andy.

It’s smaller. They say it is dying out despite being a medium server. Not sure if we are gonna make it though as nobody really needs a guild… :frowning:

Sorry :frowning:

10 char