[A] [Blame it on Lag - Sargeras] Mythic Weekend Raiding

Looking for more! Now trialing for next tier as well :upside_down_face: :grinning:

We have good cookies

Looking for some more to join us.

Would love a few more for this tier and also open for those preparing for 9.1. Both casual and progressive raiders welcome!

Now recruiting for 9.1!

Seeking all roles! Updated for recruitment for 9.1.

Looking for more to fill in for this tier and next!

Take a look, we have cookies

Still Looking for more raiding buddies to kill ugly bosses with :slight_smile:

Recruiting for 9.1!

Looking for some more to join us to have fun while downing bosses.

Come check us out!

We have cookies.

Would love some more good peeps

Always looking for more!

Come down some bosses, have some fun, and progress as a team!

Still looking for more

Looking for competent and consistent raiders who are wanting a fun environment to prog Mythic Raid

Hey, I have a 210 Holy paladin that I got CE with last tier and a 220 MW Monk. Looking for a weekend raid team, but I haven’t done any M raiding this tier on the the paladin but am 6/10m on my monk and shaman (combined as I swap back and forth for my current raid team). Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

Battlenet; Kurt#1915
Discord: Not Engle#2036

Hi Yeet
One of my officers will reach out to you shortly, i just passed the info on to ya. We are recruiting all roles for 9.1 and all new people are welcome to come to reclears we do this tier so you can check us out when they reach out to you. My real ID is Tariya#1489 if ya wanna poke me as well! Have a great night