[A] <Blackrock Ventures> | 25 man 13/14 & 6/9 HM | Tues/Wed 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. (EST)

Blackrock Ventures | Pagle | Alliance

Blackrock Ventures is a “Semi-Hardcore” guild focused on quickly and efficiently clearing content while bearing in mind the ultimate goal is to enjoy the game. Our team consists of experienced, yet laid back and friendly players, most of which have played WoW since Vanilla. Our goal is to clear all content WotLK has to offer, including hard and heroic modes, at a steady pace.

Raid Schedule / Loot System
25 person raids: Tuesday 8:30-11:30 p.m. (EST) / Wednesday 8:30-11:30pm (EST)
10 person raids throughout the week
Loot System: thatsmybis based system
Raid Mindset: Semi-Hardcore

Recruitment needs:

Rogue OR DK (1)
Survival Hunter OR Ele Shaman (1)

Any other skilled DPS encouraged to reach out!

More About Us:
Most of our current raid members have played the game together since Classic launched, and transferred to Pagle shortly before WotLK launched. We’ve all been playing WoW for a long time (perhaps longer than we care to admit?), many going back to Vanilla, and have a laundry list of achievements.

We’re 13/14 in Phase 2, with 6 hard modes down. Our goal is to clear all hard mode encounters.

We’re interested in meeting folks who: (1) enjoy researching their class and raid strategies, (2) enjoy clearing content at a steady pace, and (3) take WoW for what it is - a game.

Raid members are expected to have appropriate gems, enchants, consumables, professions, etc. for each raid. Regular and predictable raid attendance is important. Above all else, we expect each member to respect one another.

Social members welcome!

Competitive salary and benefits not offered, but it’ll be a good learning experience.

Message me on discord if interested - Jurdge#8154

Ummm, if you could just go ahead and join us for Ulduar… that’d be great. Thanks.

Recruitment needs updated - just a couple of core spots left. Reach out if interested. We’re willing to forgo the usual aptitude test and 5 rounds of panel style interviews for motivated candidates ready to hit the ground running. Not accepting materials from search firms.

Recruitment needs updated.

Happy Holidays!

Ulduar hype!

Fun guild, highly recommend. 401k contributions considered but not guaranteed, however you will receive benefits such as: loot, gold, etc.


Recruiting needs updated - have a couple core DPS roles open for further HM progression!

Join us in our battle against the final hardmode(s).

Going to need that expense report!