[A] [Bigglesworth-US-PVP] <Oasis> 15/15 -- Tues/Weds 5PM Pacific. Recruit-Friendly Loot System

Oasis is recruiting new raiders for Naxx & TBC classic!

We’re a newly established guild that has cleared 15/15 Naxx in just under a month!

We raid Tuesday and Wednesdays at 5-9 PM Pacific Time and are looking for folks who are competitive and interested in clean and quick clears each week. We provide world buffs each week. :slight_smile:

We use a recruit-friendly loot system that combines Soft Reserves and Loot Council. Everyone, recruits included, is eligible for one soft reserve a raid and can win a total of two items. ~10 of the more rare items (Gressil, Kiss, Wraith Blade, etc.) are hard reserved to the highest performers and biggest contributors to our success.

We’re currently looking for a fury warrior, fury/prot warrior, feral druid, holy priest, rogue, and mage at this time. We’d be interested in hearing from any talented folks interested in joining though!

Message me on discord if you’re interested in learning more about our guild!
We’d love to hear from you and are excited to talk!

Discord: Vakk#3521

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We have a lot of fun in and out of raid and regularly go toe to toe with the Horde.

Join Oasis and come hang with the gang!

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Interested! I sent you a discord friend request! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to meet some new team members!

Still looking for warriors, a priest, a rogue, and mages! :slight_smile:

Hit me up! Discord: Vakk#3521

We are still recruiting!

We also may have an opening for a well-geared warlock. :slight_smile:

Where the new friends at?!

We’re still recruiting. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a cool guild, I would join if I played the inferior faction

Still recruiting FWarrior, a Tanky Warrior bro, Rogues, and a mage! :slight_smile:

Apply now and you’ll get a free Homemade Cherry Pie!

just applied did i make the cut off?

We don’t discriminate against Tauren…too much. :slight_smile:

Not Moo much

Still looking for a Tank, Heals, and Mage/FWarrior DPS! :slight_smile:

Come :clap: hang :clap: with :clap: the :clap: gang :clap:

Who’s the hang?

Special Offer! Two Homemade Cherry Pies if you apply now!

(Offer only valid while supplies last)

I love cherry pie. :slight_smile: