[A] <Best in Slot> Skyfury 9/9 HM + Alg LF DPS

Best in Slot on Skyfury-US is looking for like-minded players for efficient progression raiding and raid-achievement capable players. We are “casually hardcore” - we are not going for server first progression kills, but we also do not want to waste time. Many of us have families and other responsibilities, so we want to have fun but also be purposeful with our online time. We currently have two 10m teams that clear 9/9HM in one night.

Our ideal raiders know their class, the fights, and can take criticism well and also assist other members in a respectful way. Unlike some other guilds, we do not set arbitrary rules on appropriate subject matters that can be discussed amongst our members, on discord or in guild. Many of us love to discuss religion, politics, philosophy, games, etc. while we hang out and play games, so if someone having a different opinion than you could make you upset or angry its likely not a good fit. Instead of banning these types of conversations, we set the expectation that everyone engages with their peers in a respectful manner.

Our Raid Times: 25 man content

Tuesday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST / 5:30pm - 8:30pm PST

Thursday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST / 5:30pm - 8:30pm PST


25m - 9/9 HM & Algalon
10m - 9/9 HM & Algalon

We do occasionally send a vote to raiders to see if we can extend half an hour if we are close to a kill/clear. 10m content is not regulated or enforced by the guild, but many of our members do run them. We put a raid sign-up for 10mans in the Discord and encourage people to join any groups they’re able to attend.

Core Raider expectations

  1. Come to raid with proper consumables and preparation for a full night of high performance. This means proper gear sets, flasks and preparation on boss strategies.
  2. 90% Attendance is required of all raiders, we keep a lean roster to avoid benching. Respect your fellow raiders time and notify us if you are going to miss a week.

Loot Distribution: We use a loot council; loot is awarded based on the following criteria: Performance, Attendance, Raid Preparation, Helpfulness, and Strength of Upgrade.

Current Needs

Death Knight - Unholy/Frost (MED), Blood (LOW)
Druid - Moonkin / Feral (HIGH), Resto (NONE)
Hunter - (MED)
Mage - (LOW)
Paladin - (NONE)
Priest - Shadow (MED), Holy/Disc (NONE)
Rogue - (LOW)
Shaman - Elemental (HIGH), Enhance (MED), Resto (NONE)
Warlock - (HIGH)
Warrior - (NONE)

How to Contact Us

In-game: Please contact Crowe, Hatchedwolf or Magery
Discord: Please contact Crowe at Sindustry#6119 or join our guild Discord (discord.gg/SuMuZwNEbc)
BNet: Sindustry#1215

We are also happy to consider groups of friends, given they all understand raid spots are performance based, and wont bring in drama. If you think you would be a good fit for our guild feel free to reach out to us!

We have fun in raids - you should apply!!!

Just testing to see if this shows up

Come play with us, we’re great! :slight_smile:

Still recruiting a few more!

Where are all of the DPS Shamans and Warlocks? :smiley:

We had a great night in 10m Ulduar last night. Just looking for a few more friends to come in and help us clear content!

Boost - Kicking butt and taking names!

Looking for more DPS players to help us prog HM! 3/9 HM currently with attempts on Yogg1.

Still looking to add a few ranged DPS to the team.

Buuuuuump! Need some lit dps yo, no cap

Hoping to get some prog on HM Vezax and down Yogg1 this week. Come hang out with us!

I’ve just updated our recruitment needs. Come play with us! :slight_smile:

Bumppppp!! :facepunch:

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Two new HM bosses last night. Guild is excited to start working toward XT and IC next week!

Looking to add another player or two to the roster!

Another good week with a new boss down. Come play with us!

We can do, things, for you.

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Pew, Pew :sunglasses:

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Bump! We got Mimiron this week, hopefully IC next week for 9/9HM!