[A] Benediction <Propane> |54/54 Ulduar 25| Tues & Thurs 8pm-12am EST | LF Disc Priest

54/54 Ulduar 25 (10th on Server Progress) is currently looking for one Disc Priest to join our raid roster.

About us / Our Goals:
We are a Day 1 Classic guild transferring from Herod → Faerlina → Benediction. We strive to be competitive on our server whether it be parses, speed kills or first-week raid clears. We are looking to continue to maintain a solid core of players who are looking to improve week by week and push for good progression times and logs.

  • Realm 10th 6/6 Sunwell
  • Realm 5th SSC/TK
  • Week 1 17/17 Nax | Week 1 Sarth 3D
  • US 43rd / Realm 10th 54/54 Ulduar25


  • 100% attendance unless given proper notice
  • Full consumes - Flasks/Elixirs + Food buffs + Pots.
  • Good attitude, sometimes things happen.
  • Always keep improving and be open to constructive criticism.
  • Mandatory PTR Testing prior to new content
  • Having 2 raiding characters is a plus but not required

Loot: -Transparent Loot Council -Attendance/attitude are more important than your gear. Performance during raid is considered in LC decisions.


  • Discipline Priest
    Any serious applicant is considered regardless of recruitment needs

Previous experience and consistency are highly valued.

Further questions? Reach out to recruitment via discord Oxyrotin#5053 or butler#3095

Still recruiting a Disc Priest for an immediate raid spot.