[A] <Benediction> Mad Reach <Sun-Mon 11pm - 3 am> Recruiting

-Mad Reach- Recruiting!

-About Us

5/5 Hyjal
9/9 Black Temple
4/6 Sunwell

-Mad Reach is a guild made of friends that have been playing wow off and on for the last 10 years. Our plan is the push content in a timely manner while only raiding two days a week. We’re looking for raiders that want to raid in a non-toxic environment, while having a good time reliving the memories of The Burning Crusade.

Recruiting Core Raid spots!

  • Arms Warrior
  • Enhance Shaman

Sunday and Monday from 11:00pm-3:00am Eastern (Server time)

Loot - Loot will be done by a loot council.

We all know that loot is the main drive for playing wow and we’re going to try to disperse loot evenly as best as possible, that being said we also need to look at what can help out the guild in the best way possible. This could lead to feeding some gear to tanks and or certain classes that could make the boss fights, easiest as possible.

Raid Requirements-
-Showing up atleast 10min early for raid to make sure you are outside and ready to go on time.
-Having all consumables needed for raid (Gear enchanted also / gems / ect.)
-Basic Boss knowledge. Content has plenty of guides out and we expect raiders to have a general idea of how mechanics work.

Discord: Gurgar#9544
Ingame name: Gurgar / Maguthius

Bumping post.

Currently need a holy priest for core raiding spot!

Come heal us. Life is easier when someone helps moves bars right instead of left.

Need a Holy priest

Still looking for a holy priest who wants to go 14/14!

Recruiting few more

Recruiting people who want to have a good time.

Still need some people

On the quest for more people still

Need a shaman!

Now looking for a Rat Pally!

t5 hpriest, the days/times work if you need heals eventually

Sorry we’re all full up on priests atm

bumping again

Looking for a geared ret / holy pally for sunwell progression

LF one ret pally

Need Holy paladin for sunwell

Looking for a holy pally

Need holy pally!!