[A] Benediction <Aggrophobia> |54/54 Ulduar 25| Fri&Sun Evening Raids | LF a few players for Phase 3

Aggrophobia is a 5/5 Heroic ToGC (Realm progress 100, speed rank 34 Week 1) and 54/54 (server rank 66 in progression for Ulduar 25) semi-hardcore raiding guild that has been around since the start of classic, and has quickly cleared all of the content that classic WoW has to offer during each of the relevant phases.

We are currently recruiting several classes for Phase 3, where we are running splits of Heroic ToGC as well as continuing our Ulduar HM farm in preparation for ICC. We are currently highly interested in a Disc priest, an Enhancement Shaman, and an Affliction Warlock for our main 25 man raid team. Please see our official warcraftlogs page (below) for full details on class recruitment! We are a friendly community filled with a good balance of skilled players who take progression seriously, and who also like to have a good time. Players of all ages and backgrounds are welcome in our guild.

We expect solid knowledge of mechanics, with full consumes and the best gems/enchants you can get for your class.

About us:

We raid 25 mans on Fri 9PM-12PM server and Sun 6PM-9PM server.
We raid multiple 10 mans throughout the week and weekend.
We use a loot council system for distributing loot in 25 mans. We do not prioritize veterans or officers for loot. Loot is decided based on attendance and biggest upgrade/contributions to the guild. New members will get loot as long as they regularly show up and have a good attitude. You are eligible for all loot after a 1 week trial. You can find more detailed information about us on our official WarcraftLogs page: https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/499401

We do also expect you to have at least one level 80 alt that is relatively well maintained gear-wise (at least current content 10 man gear) to fill our alt runs when content is easy and we have time for splits. (Primarily Naxx and ToC phases of WotLK)

Feel free to reach out if interested!

Updated our recruitment needs, check our WCL (link in initial post) page for full details!

Filled 1 dk spot, still looking for a few more for Ulduar hardmodes! See our WCL page (link in initial post) for more details!

We are still recruiting, please see our recruitment needs at our WCL page (link in initial post) for more details!

We currently have openings for a new Rdruid trial and an afflic lock (demo offspec) for Ulduar HM progression. Reach out if interested!

Aggrophobia currently has some openings for Phase 3 raiding. We’re currently highly interested in a Disc Priest, Enhancement Shaman, and an Affliction Warlock, but will consider other classes/specs based on player performance/attitude. We attained rank 66 server progression in Ulduar, despite being a weekend raiding guild! Please see the initial post above, as well as our WCL page (link in the initial post), for full details about our team. Feel free to reach out if interested!

Interested. My main is an ele shaman. New to server 4K gs but I have done all content on a warlock. Also have a 4K GS ret paladin. If interested in either my discord is Mithril#1816

Is the affliction warlock spot still available?
My dc: AndreSM#5387

Hello, I have sent a friend request so we can chat!

We are still interested in a few more players to round out our rosters for splits in ToGC. Hit me up if interested! We’re especially interested in a disc priest and an enhancement shaman.

We are still looking for a committed disc priest and enhancement shaman as well as a few other dps for Phase 3, ToGC splits! Please see out official Warcraft Logs page at https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/499401 for more details about our team and what we’re looking for. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested or have any questions!

Information has been updated in the initial post. We achieved 5/5 heoric ToGC week 1, with a server progress rank of 100 and a speed rank of 34.

“Still ninjas”