[A] Benediction <Aggrophobia> |17/17| Fri&Sun Evening Raids | LF Resto Druid and a few dps for Ulduar Hardmodes

Aggrophobia is a 17/17 week one WotLK (6/6 SWP (pre-nerf)) semi-hardcore raiding guild that has been around since the start of classic, and has cleared all of the content that classic WoW has to offer.

We are currently recruiting several classes, including a resto druid, frost and unholy DKs, and a few other dps classes for our main 25 man raid team. Please see our official warcraftlogs page (below) for full details on class recruitment! We are a friendly community filled with a good balance of skilled players who take progression seriously, and who also like to have a good time. Players of all ages and backgrounds are welcome in our guild.

We expect solid mechanical knowledge, with full consumes and the best gems/enchants you can get for your class.

About us:

We raid Fri 9PM-12PM server and Sun 6PM-9PM server.
We use a loot council system for distributing loot. We do not prioritize veterans or officers for loot. Loot is decided based on attendance and biggest upgrade/contributions to the guild. New members will get loot as long as they show up and have a good attitude. You are eligible for all loot after a 1 week trial. You can find more detailed information about us on our official WarcraftLogs page: https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/499401

We do also expect you to have one level 80 alt of any class/spec to fill our alt runs when content is easy and we have time for splits. (Primarily Naxx and ToC phases of WotLK)

Feel free to reach out if interested!

Updated our recruitment needs, check our WCL (link in initial post) page for full details!

Filled 1 dk spot, still looking for a few more for Ulduar hardmodes! See our WCL page (link in initial post) for more details!

We are still recruiting, please see our recruitment needs at our WCL page (link in initial post) for more details!

We currently have openings for a new Rdruid trial and an afflic lock (demo offspec) for Ulduar HM progression. Reach out if interested!