[A] <Belenos> A Frostmourne, semi-casual raiding Guild!

We’re a social Frostmourne guild that’s around 5 months old. We started raiding around 2 months ago are are 11/12N, 8/12H Ny’alotha.
We have a small-ish solid number of players who are on frequently! We welcome anyone and everyone for the social aspect! :grin:

:sunny: GUILD EVENTS (In realm time) :sunny:


  • Wednesday 8:00pm: Mythics & Keystones
  • Friday 8:00pm: H Ny’alotha
  • Saturday 8:00pm: H Ny’alotha


  • Saturday 1:00pm: Mythics & Keystones (Completely optional/If around!)

:sunny: RAIDING: :sunny:

We’re currently looking primarily for DPS though are accepting healers. We are asking for 450+ ilvl (460 even better!) and for dps, at least a 40k single target output.

The classes we are looking for are:

  • Hunter
  • Warlock
  • Ele/Enh Shaman
  • Shadow Priest
  • Arms/Fury Warrior

(NOTE: We ask that everyone in our raid team have a decent understanding of their class/spec!)

We’re looking for reliable, team focused people who want a semi-casual atmosphere, where we try to get things done, but can have a laugh while doing it! :blush:.

If you want to join but are not sure you meet the benchmark, or not sure if you’ll always be available for raiding, no worries! We’re more than happy to help those who want it to get up to standard, or to talk about when you can join in!

And again, if raiding isn’t your thing, we do keystones a LOOOT, and there’s often transmog runs, arena etc happening on the day to day!