[A] <BEES> Casual CE 2/10M - Tue/Wed 9-11PM PST - LF DPS

< BEES > on Lightbringer is actively recruiting DPS for Mythic Progression.

Castle Nathria Progress: 10/10H – 2/10M

Raid Times: Tues & Weds 9:00 - 11:00pm PST/ST



  • < BEES> was a fresh guild created for Shadowlands with an original goal of becoming AOTC
  • That goal was achieved too quickly and has us all buzzin’ for that sweet sweet CE honey.
  • We are now a casual CE focus, with the understanding it may take a tier or two to do that. We want to achieve CE with our current core roster, no bee left behind. We have some exceptionally well-performing players, but we need MORE BEES to fill out that 20 man.
  • We are looking for players that are hive-minded. Excited to push for AOTC and Mythic, actively work at improving themselves, achieve goals together as a squad, and play optimally on a casual schedule.
  • We expect all of our players to know their stuff, come to raid prepared and ready to bash, keep up your own vault management, and know how to improve or be open and receptive for help to do so.
  • Most of us are in our late 20s-30s, with kids, families, and other life responsibilities. We’ve still managed to create a space that allows players like us to push hard content without having to sacrifice more of their personal time to do so.
  • We are active every night on Discord. A handful of us are also pushing for KSM each season and would love more that are interested in that.


RAID ROSTER Recruitment Needs

  • 210 iLVL Min
  • :shield: CLOSED
  • :ambulance: CLOSED - We are full, but open to trialing well-performing players
  • :crossed_swords: OPEN - Trialing well-performing DPS, ranged preferred

If you’ve been playing solo expansion over expansion, guild explosion to guild explosion, we could be the hive that you deserve.

If what we’re sellin’ has you buzzin’, hit me up to chat and set up a cross-realm trial.

Discord — Slime#6677
BNET — Valkyrie#12561


We’ll be hitting up Mythic tomorrow evening and looking to take a handful of cross-realm trials to do so! If you’re interested in DPSing or Healing, hit me up.

Discord — Slime#6677


Please apply via Discord message :smiley: Slime#6677

Still in need of 1 Healer and 2-3 Ranged DPS for our core team.


Will be doing skip + M Shriek/Hunts tonight. Still looking for Ranged DPS and 1 Solid Healer.

LF Ranged DPS that can pump and one solid healer for Hunts prog tonight.

Hunts down, got some good prog into Hungering. Still actively LF 2-3 Ranged DPS

Still LF more BEES for Hungering prog this week!

NEED DEEEEEEEEEEPS. Melee or Ranged at this point we just need bodies c:

Hunts/Hungering Tonight! LF More DEEPS C:

Happy Saturday! We’re still actively recruiting DPS so we can get further in progression without having to PuG and swap our comp up :[

We are still recruiting DPS slots for mythic hungering progression!

Need MORE BEE-DPS for Hungering tonight.