[A] Avenging Storm - Social family guild looking to casually raid in SL

We have been a guild since the early days of Everquest, and moved to WoW shortly after release. We currently have a core of around 5-6 people, and looking to recruit some people for a laid back guild to make friendships and do content while having fun.

I am wanting to put together a 10-15 person raid team to casually clear normal/heroics in Shadowlands. We have families, jobs, and kids; so while wanting to be able to progress this content, we understand you may have to grab a crying kid or handle other issues that may arise during a raid, and want to create the atmosphere that things can pop up, but we will still have fun and do our best!

Send me a DM, or apply in game. Also drop by our discord and say hello.
https : / / discord .gg /AUgb8gF (just take out the spaces)

See you in game!

Raid times will be on the weekends Fri, Sat, or Sun between 8-midnight EST, hashing out times that will work for everyone

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