[A] Atrophy-Stormrage is 6/9M LFM

(Thoibedamned) #1

Hello! We are currently recruiting for Mythic Dazar’Alor progression. We achieved cutting edge as a guild in both Argus and Uldir and are looking to continue that trend in this tier and beyond!
Current needs are: Resto & Feral Druid, DPS DK (Blood OS), Resto and Ele Shaman, and a Holy/Disc Priest.
Raid times are Thursday, Sunday, and Monday 7:30-10:30 pm EST.

Message the leadership below for more information.

Contact info:
Dougernaught#1650 (me)
Mythem#1273 (officer)
Cadeorade#1258 (officer)
Cody#11227 (officer)
Carlo#1810 (officer)


I am a resto druid interested in your guild. Contact me @ Anjalia#1879 on WoW.