[A] Atiesh | Stance Dance Revolutions 9/9HM | 2 raid teams LF DPS

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild full of friendly and diverse members. Our experienced core has been together since vanilla classic, clearing all content thus far and clearing all Wotlk content during the original expansion. We are looking for strong and consistent players for Ulduar who are like minded in pushing each other and improving week after week. Our focus is to enjoy the game, have fun, and buckle down for progression content.

What we expect of our players - Come prepared. Knowledge of fights and of your class/ role required before entering raids, with your best gear and consumes. Duel Spec required. You will be expected to play your off spec as well as your main. Some fights require diff comps and you may be asked to switch specs. We are looking for a high level of attendance and dependability. Our progression team will push harder and spots will be competitive. Weekend team is a bit more social and chill after a long week.

What we offer you -A stable core of experienced respectful players. A place to earn BiS loot, parses, and achievements with options for 10 mans, casual play, leveling, and alt gearing. An active Discord with a helpful community.

Current Progression
-Ulduar 25 13/14 + 9/9HM
-Ulduar 10 14/14
-Naxx Glory 25 + Immortal
-Naxx Glory 10 + Undying

Raid schedule
-Progression Raid (Owls) 9/9HM - Tues/Thurs 9pm - 12am.
-Weekend Raid (Hawks) 2/9HM - Fri/Sat 8pm-11pm Note: this team has been 1 night clearing with 23, once its full we can clear HM’s, core is 14/14

Loot Council with submission of wish list through That’s My Bis. LC does not favor friends or veterans but places gear where it will be most effective for the team’s progression.

Currently recruiting
-Owls full
-Hawks 4 spots Enh shammy, Boomy, Mage, any ranged

Apply: Dm Snomi |Xiily#1440 in discord