[A] [Atiesh-PvE PST] <Dark Order> Wed/Sun 7 PM to 10 PM

Wrath Recruitment Atiesh Server

1/6 SWP | 14/14 BT/Hyjal | 10/10 SSC/TK (post nerf) | 14/14 T4


Main needs:


Any exceptional ranged dps and back up raiders can apply as well.

We are open to rerolls, levellers and casuals that want to experience Wrath of the Lich King.

Atiesh is a large Alliance server and is quite active. We already have a few people rerolling with us and would love to have more.


We use the addon Konfer Suicide Kings (KSK) for Classic WoW, generally referred to as Suicide Kings or SK, for our loot system The basics of the system are as follows: 1) Players are put in an ordered list, based on a random roll. 2) When a new player needs to be added to the list they are simply inserted at the bottom of the list. 3) When loot is dropped, the person (s) that want the item bid their position on the list and whoever is nearest the top of the list wins the loot and the winner of the loot goes to the bottom of the list. 4) If no one bids on the item, it is put to Main Spec (MS) > Off Spec (OS) roll. MS /roll 1-100 and OS/roll 101-200. Main spec takes priority over Off spec and highest roll wins regardless of rank in the guild, or if it is an alt character 5) Players who are not currently in the raid do not move up or down the list. If you are in position 5 at the end of the last raid and you miss up to 2 weeks, when you return you will still be in position 5. 6) Once you have missed 4 continuous weeks of raiding you are removed from the SK list.


We are a launch day raiding guild that has completed all of classic content (11/11 for MC/Ony, 8/8 for BWL, 9/9 AQ40, and 15/15 Naxx). If you are looking for a stable guild with veteran leadership and a fun place to play, Dark Order would be a great home.


To complete all of Wrath of the Lich King raids and have fun

Please contact the following for any questions or invite to the guild:

Frozzeni (Discord Frozzeni#3815) and Klaruska

Guild Discord:


Looking forward to TBC!

Hey! Added Frozzeni on discord. Looking forward to talking with you guys :slight_smile:

Updated the needs of the guild. As mentioned, we are accepting rerollers and anyone who wants to experience TBC and have a few already that have started. There is plenty of time to level

Hi any spec in particular that you guys need? I’m willing to reroll and just power level any new class tbh. I have a main prot pally in Pagle, but I’m willing to transfer him and level another as my main.

If you want easy mode levelling, we could use a Hunter. Message me on Discord Frozzeni#3815 and we can talk further

TBC is going to be so much fun

Hi, I have this druid that’s going resto and I have my room mate who is a warlock at 60, are the spots for that still available?

Yes and welcome to the guild :slight_smile:

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TBC is close make sure you find a guild home

Just a reminder we are open to rerollers.

Still time to level, we have about half a dozen people who have joined us

Getting closer to the prepatch

Hey there!

I am interested in joining you guys as a spriest, hunter or warlock! Please reach out to me and we can have a little chat!

Thank you.


Still have 1 or 2 spots to fill

Still open to people who want to experience TBC but not raid frequently or at all. We have a few that have joined and would be nice for a few more

I can’t wait for TBC

Still looking for a Shadow Priest and we will take anybody who wants to be a back up raider or just wants to experience TBC but not raid

Still open to back up raiders and anyone who wants to experience TBC and not raid.

Updated recruitment needs