[A - Atiesh] <Lionheart Classic> - Semi-HC Raiding, Very Active Players | Tu/Th 6-9:30pm ST (PST)

Guild Name: Lionheart Classic
Guild Type: Phase 3 Semi-HC progression raiding (previously mid-core)
Progress: Phase 1 - Full clears pre-nerf; Phase 2 - 8/10 pre-nerf, 10/10 post-nerf
Guild Profile: Progression raiding, alt levelling/raiding, adults only
Raid Times: 6pm-9:30pm on Tues & Thurs Server Time (PST)

About Us

Lionheart Classic has recently transferred our raiding guild to the Atiesh server to support our highly active playerbase and recruit from larger skilled player pool with a transition to a semi-HC focus for phase 3 progression. Our goal is to down all bosses as quickly as possible in phase 3 to make our mark in the progress standings on Atiesh.

Our raid environment is what we would call “Socially Semi-Hardcore” in that we expect everyone to be properly prepared to raid without making it an unpleasant experience that is devoid of any fun. Outside of raiding, we’re regularly active with many daily players and we encourage hanging out in our Discord to chat and group together.


Raid spots are competitive and we are always open to exceptional players of most classes. We are prepared to replace or bench underperforming players in order to further progression.

You can view our current recruitment needs here on Discord.

Recruitment Officer Contact Info:
Bnet - Karpundir#1512
In Game (Atiesh) - Jadoo / Karpundru / Karpallie
Discord - Karpundir#7532