[A] <Antithesis> 8/8 BWL, 1/1 in your heart. Tues / Thurs 8pm - 11pm EST

Antithesis are currently recruiting for both our main and alt raid groups. Do you wanna wear the hottest purps, eat the chillest buff food & hang out with the hottest dudes on the server? You came to the right place.

Does your server suck? Tired of getting ganked in your own capital city? GOOD! We want you to transfer to ours - a shining beacon of hope in a sea of faction imbalance. Like raiding? Us too! We clear both MC & BWL in sub 2 hours so we have more time to worship our token Boomkin. He’s rank 15 world, it’s no big deal or anything.

The serious stuff

We operate on a DKP system with MS > OS priorities on the big BiS items, we even have a fancy spreadsheet so you know if you can get something for cheap! The reason we picked this system is we want to maintain a fair environment for our raiders & the progression of the guild of the whole, and this allows us to do that the best we could. There are bonuses for weekly donations (a 30 gold maximum) and for using consumables in raids.

When we kill the bosses

Our main group raids two nights per week:

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 8pm - 11pm EST (group forms at 7:30)

We clear BWL Tuesdays & MC Thursdays but are aiming to be able to fit those both into the single Tuesday. We also do Onyxia (optional for raiders) on both these days depending on reset times.

Our alt group raids Mondays, 8pm - 11pm EST. This group consists of several officer alts & raider alts from the main group. Loot is currently rolled with a MS > OS consideration.

What do we need?

Our main raid is currently recruiting the following roles:

  • Hunters
  • Resto Druids
  • Rogues

And our alt raid is currently recruiting:

  • Warrior / Bear Tanks
  • Melee & Ranged DPS

For any further information please join our Discord: discord.gg/qYndWAJ

Or PM any of our officers in game:


Thanks :smiley: