[a] <acta non verba> recruitment is open for 10.2!

it’s that time of the patch cycle –

anv is recruiting for 10.2!

-must be respectful of everyone’s time in the raid group. we set aside time throughout the week to come in and kill bosses. coming to raid late, missing character power, or failure to be attentive during strat discussion is frowned upon.
-must sustain an 80% raid attendance avg. if you cannot consistently make raid, we will not be able to include you in progression.
-must be open minded to analysis of performance in stretches of progression. if we are missing checks we will look to see what can help or where things can be improved.
-must be willing to play meta if the preferred non-meta spec is not performing well. we want people to play what they enjoy, but come mythic - we can’t afford that sacrifice at the cost of the other raiders who do.

(for further rules, please reach out!)

raid schedule
we understand that real life happens or sometimes a break is required to get the mind right. but our raid schedule is as follows –

tuesday: 9:30pm est - 12:00am est
thursday: 9:30pm est - 12:00am est
sunday: 9:30pm est - 12:00am est (only during the beginning of the tier.)

dragonflight progress
vault of the incarnates - 8/8H, 6/8M
aberrus, the shadow crucible - 9/9H, 8/9M

current needs
mage, spec: open to any as long as you can do competitive dps - otherwise “meta” preferred.
warlock, spec: open to any as long as you can do competitive dps - otherwise “meta” preferred.
shaman, spec: enhancement (windfury plz!)

if your spec is not listed please do not let that deter you from reaching out! i am always willing to work with those who want to raid and willing to put in the effort.

contact me in game if you have any questions!

demoray-gilneas (raid lead), discord - demoray4612
axellent-gilneas (officer), discord - axellent0734


Don’t go into Shadowlands alone – join us for the new expansion!

We’re an active guild.
Non raiders looking for a home are also welcome! We’re happy to have you.

Perks include:

  1. People actually talking in guild chat
  2. Guildies interested in running M+
  3. Shenanigans
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Bumped with recruiting update.

As a casual member, very nice place to hang out. Never the only one on and people are always willing to help and are great with achievements.

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We are now recruiting dps for 9.1!

Our recruitment has been updated for 9.1.5.

Updated to include core spots on our raid team.

Updated for Season 4!

Updated in preperation for 10.2!