[A] <Acta Non Verba> is recruiting!

About us
Acta Non Verba is an easy going, casual mature raiding guild. We like to have fun and we love to be sarcastic. We welcome all classes, experience levels, & interests. Anybody who is looking to improve, raiders looking for a more chill environment, or depleting M+ keys with us. If these meet your interests, we’d love to have you.

Raid Schedule
We understand that real life happens or sometimes a break is required to get the mind right. But our raid schedule is as follows –

Tuesday: 6:30 est - 9:00 est
Thursday 6:30est - 9:00 est
Sunday 6:30est - 9:00 est

Uldir - 8/8H , 2/8M
BOD - 9/9H , 1/9M
COS - 2/2H , 0/2M
TEP - 8/8H, 4/8M

Warlock & Mage preferred, but we are open to anyone and everyone if there’s room and interest, especially in heroic. Mythic we start to be a bit more strict but we do try to balance it out so everyone gets their shot at kills/gear.

Contact Us

Axellent | Axellent#11752 (Officer)
Edorus (Interim-GM)