[A] 9/9H Weekend Raid Guild


LFM for weekend raids @10pm est until12 on Fri/Sat. We are 9/9H as a guild and most of us are 3/9 M. Any class, gear level, and experience, just be an active participant and willing to improve. You do not need to be on our server, but I would greatly appreciate the possibility of a transfer or leveling a toon on our realm so we can help with consumables. We run M+ at a similar time during the week.

Fresh run tonight, will be posted in LFG or message me. Btag: Jagaen#1317

(Jagaen) #2

Invites will be going out in 30 mins, message me in game if interested.

(Jagaen) #3

Running again tonight. Anyone that is interested, please message me. We’d love to have you.