[A] 7/8 M EP - Resto Sham + Mistweaver Duo Looking for 8.3 Guild

Hello friends! :grin:

We are a Mistweaver Monk and Resto Shaman duo looking for a new home for patch 8.3. Our current guild is changing raid days/times that do not work for us, so we are hoping to find a new guild to progress with in 8.3 and beyond. There are no hard feelings leaving our current guild and we are on good terms. Our GM and raid leader would for sure vouch for us as great competent raiders.

Our desired raid times would not go past 12:00AM EST.

What You can expect from us:

  • 98% + Attendance rate, as well as being on time (early).

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Understanding of mechanics while excelling at our roles.

  • Upkeep with raid requirements.

  • Friendly personalities :slight_smile:

We are very reliable raiders, as we have had 100% attendance for the past year!
If you are considering us please message us! BNET: Beingbrit#1476 or Cenozos#1538 . DISCORD: Zephora#9208 or Cenozos#0611

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Recruit me!

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We’re 5/8M and super close on our 6/8M kill. We raid just a single night a week on Tuesday 8:30 - 12:30 EST currently, but looking to change to just 12:00 EST for 8.3 launch. Anyway, adult guild, active players and all that. Been around over 4 years now doing our 1 day thing so feel free to check out our players and logs.


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<Continuum> Currently 7/8M (Phase 3 Azhara) and 9/9M BoD.

If you are a competent player that like killing bosses without going 16 hours a week into a raid, this might be the place for you.

Please apply to our website https://continuum-us.enjin.com/recruitment
If you can not spare 5 minutes to submit an app you will probably not spare 5 minutes to watch a strategy video for a progression boss.

Raid times: 7:30pm-10:00pm(PST) Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (7.5 hours a week).

Recruitment Needs
Top priority for us:

  • Shadow Priest
  • Disc Priest
  • Mage FIRE for Azshara
  • Boomkin
  • Warlock
  • Open to all classes and players.
  • We only require that they know how to press their keys.
  • Be able to enjoy memes and have a good sense of humor.

A big plus for people that can play more than 1 spec for their class in case of nerfs from blizzard or a boss fight requires it.


  1. Trial last for at most 2 weeks, time is reduced is the performance is great and there is good chemistry with the raid group.
  2. We are close to start extending our lockout and go for Azshara until she dies so trials will be during progression.

We have an active group outside raiding, dont expect 24/7 activity in WoW but we do hangout a lot in discord and play other games like Path of Exile, League, Dota, Warframe or any interesting game that comes out and help us pass the time when WoW gets a bit stale.

So far people that join us, stick with us for a long time.

If this has piqued your interest, please feel free to apply at https://continuum-us.enjin.com/recruitment

Or contact: Pucho#1617

Have a nice day.


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Awesome people with perfect attendance!

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Thank you Kelohe!

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The recruitment is real.