[A] 418 Holy Priest LF Weekend Heroic Raiding

(Hrolnir) #1

Hi friends,

As the title says, I’m a 418 Holy Priest looking for a raid group. I am currently 6/8H. I was 3/9M in BoD, AotC for every tier since Highmaul, with a smattering of Mythic kills. I am looking for a stable group that is focused on heroic raiding and has fun doing it.

I have been maining Holy Priest since Mists of Pandaria, and healing since vanilla on various classes. I love keeping even the most egregious fire-standers alive. I am proficient in every priest spec with appropriate gear, azerite, and essences. If you don’t need heals, I am confident in my ability to slam as a shadow priest.

My work schedule is pretty crazy. It can change at any time, so some weeks I may need to cut out early. I am available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before 10:30 pm EST, and Friday / Saturday / Sunday until 11 EST. These are hard cutoffs, not open to negotiation.

I have been playing since day one of Vanilla and healing for most of that time. Additionally, I have been an officer in various guilds and have filled every role in raid leadership from healing coordination to administration and full raid leadership for many years. Until this tier, I have been the raid leader for a successful Heroic-focused raid on Wyrmrest Accord. We had to stop raiding for schedule reasons.

My philosophy is this: I have a limited amount of time to play, so I want to make the most of it. I’m a dedicated raider. I will always be on time, I will always be prepared with consumables, I will always be read up on strategies. I spend a good amount of free time frequenting various class and healing discords. Of course, I have logs available if needed for recruitment purposes.

To sum everything up, I’m experienced, dedicated, and laid back. I want a guild that fits those qualities.

You can hit me up on BNet or on Discord for an armory link and logs.

BNet- Luca#1187
Discord - Hrolnir#8191