[A] 4/8 M 386 Hunter LF raid team(93% parse avg)


Hello I have 4/8 Mythic Uldir experience with 93% avg for best parses on mythic difficulty. My raid time was cut short last tier due to real life and a change in jobs. Now that I am stable in my new job and can reliably know what my days/times off are I am looking for a guild that I will be able to raid with given my work schedule.

My character and server are Kilv on Whisperwind if you want to look up my logs(cant include links in post)

My availability is(Central Timezone):
Monday-all day
Tuesday-all day

Basically I am looking for either a super late night(or early morning raiding guild) any days of the week or a guild that raids on Mondays and Tuesdays only. I know my schedule is a bit wonky and most guilds raid Tues, Wed, Thursday during primetime. Unfortunately I am at work during that time so I am hoping this post reaches some of those guilds out there that raid weird times or like latenight pacific timezone guilds (1030pm PST start time could work for me on any day)

My Btag is Kilvorian#1497 Feel free to hit me up if my availability works with your guilds raid times. Thanks for looking!


Greetings Kilv.

We could use a great player like yourself. Allow me to introduce our guild.

Redline is a Mythic Guild on Thrall-US server. Current Progression; 6/8M Uldir. Redline is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that tries to compete with other daytime raiding guilds. We are looking for players willing to commit 8 hours out of their week to raid in the daytime slot, and more time out of raid to study raids and your role in the raids.

The Mindset: We are a group of adults who like to band together to down internet dragons while also having a little fun. We realize it’s a game but we also like to take our time seriously as we defend Azeroth. Redline also offers many amenities to Raiders such as free gems, enchants and consumables to raid!


Shadow Priests
MM/BM Hunters
Balance Druid
Demon Hunters
Warlocks ( Needed Badly)

Any and all competent healers are welcome to app.

Raid Times - Daytime guild that raids Wed/Thurs - 12 to 4 pm EST.

All exceptional applicants are welcome. Please before applying, be at least 370+ Item Level. Apply on our discord!

gadCZ5 (Just add the last of the code into the server part)

*Note if the Discord Link doesn’t work, Message Teenya our GM.

Talk to our GM personally: hartske#1816, or our Recruiting Officer: blackmint#1578

Thank you and I wish you the best of luck.

If you have personal questions, I can also help @ Quadraxis#1172


Currently at work but will take a peek after work for sure. TY for the reply.


I also have a Warrior, DK, and am leveling a Mage and Monk :slight_smile:

(Kermït) #5

If you might be looking to stay alliance, Ante Meridiem on Stormrage might work for you.

AM Team is 7/8M Uldir
Wed/Thurs/Fri 9a-1pm EST 8am-Noon CST
After 3 weeks of a new tier we cut an hour off the end of our raids. Ending at Noon EST, 11am CST.

We could always use some more ranged dps. Going into a new tier is the perfect time to try us out.

I added your btag, mine is Kermitdafrog#1283

You can also check out our website www.amwow. net

Hope to talk to you soon.