[A] 395 WW Monk LF Weeknight Raiding Guild

395 ilvl WW monk with both tank and heals experience looking for an active semi-hardcore raiding guild that looks to push as far into mythic each season. Looking for a guild with fun players who also want to push content. I also play a few other games besides WoW.

Previously raided at a mythic level in Legion and early BFA. Took a few years off from the game and old guild is dead.

Currently 8/8 Normal and 2/8 Heroic.

Looking for an active guild that raids on week nights (Raiding at some period between 7 and 11 PM ).

Please respond here or drop a btag to chat.

Thank you everyone!

Hey Granson,

My guild is currently raiding Sat/Sun 8PM CST. Looking to add a weeknight once we are fully into Mythic prog.

If that works for you reach out and we can have a chat!


Hi Granson,

We are looking for a WW for our team. Here’s our recruitment thread link. Let me know if you’re interested. 6/8H horde Area 52.

Discord: Jaystir#1204