[A] 10/12M Wed/Thurs LF DPS, HPal

Server: Sargeras, Alliance

Raids: Wednesday/Thursday 6:30-10pm server (CST).
Optional Tuesday casual run 6:30pm cst.

Current progress: 10/12M, P3 Carapace
7/8M Uldir, 8/9M BoD, 6/8M EP
Legion: Antorus - Cutting Edge

Looking for:

  • Warlock, Hunter > Fire Mage, Shadow Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • Havoc Demon Hunter
  • Any dps with excellent logs will be considered.
  • Hybrid OS heals/tanks are in high demand.

Apps must be mains, 470+, and have logs available.

Required addons:
Boss mod of choice
Exorsus Raid Tools

You might be a good fit if:

Your goal is to push decent progression within a limited play time.

You’re an adult between 18-117

You can attend both raid days consistently

You’re a friendly fellow/fella that enjoys frequent guildie interaction inside and outside of game

You have a taste (or at least tolerance) for horrible puns

You enjoy hardcore mythic plus pushing

You like evaluating logs and welcome constructive criticism

You value the raid team over your individual stats

You have lots of pictures of food and animals to share

BattleNet: Dotty#1718
Discord: Dotty#6456

I believe bumps should have content.

Updated current needs.

Looking for Mistweaver for main healing spot, DPS shaman with resto OS.

Any dps with good logs are considered, but Shadow Priest, Mage, DK, and DH are in high demand!

Updated progression and current roster wishlist!

Bumping. Updated. Soon to be 4/9 mythic. :slight_smile:

Updated current progression and needs! Come help kill Jaina. :wink:

To the top. Jaina dying soon!

Updated recruitment needs. Come see how you fit in with Vision!

Still looking for solid dps and some hybrid heals!

Updated needs!

Raid needs updated. Bumping to the top.

Still looking for heals!

Need healers!

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Still looking for heals and dps!

Updated recruitment needs.

Orgo down, 5/8!

Looking for a full time holy paladin!

Looking for ranged DPS and Hpal!