[A] 10/12M Late night PST guild LF a tank and DPS

Bump for more dps. We’re at P3 on Shad, so we should be getting the kill soon.

hullo, I posted an app!

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Bumping for more apps. And feel free to enjoy my naxx40 mog as well ;p

Bringin the bumps!

Bump bump bump!

Still looking for DPS!

While we’ve gotten a few good applications so far, we’re still actively recruiting. Hoping for some DPS but would consider any qualified applicants too =)

Bump for some dps.

Still recruiting. Bump

Bump. Shad dies tonight.

Bump bump bump!

Recruitment needs updated. Now looking for a main healer, in addition to DPS.

Bump. Hivemind next. Come join the fun!

We are excited to be working on the boss with 101 things that will kill you if you touch it. Hope someone brought bug spray!

Bump. Ranged DPS wru?

Wtb more dps apps.

Still looking for a healer, and some DPS.

Bump. Hivemind is getting close. Need more applications!

Bump. Hivemind is going down!

Hivemind is dead.