(A) 10/12M Heal priest

LF new home for shadowlands.

Class/Spec: Heal Priest

Faction: ALLIANCE preferred

Prog as Disc Spec: 8/8M Azshara
Prog as Holy Spec: 9/9M Jaina, US157 Kiljaeden

Btag: Buddha420#1867 (Discord: Red#1913)

Raiderio: https:// raider. io/characters/us/proudmoore/Redcrossx

Logs: https:// www. warcraftlogs. com/character/us/proudmoore/redcrossx?zone=24&new=true

Armory: https:// worldofwarcraft. com/en-us/character/us/proudmoore/redcrossx

Availability: Nights prefer

Contact me for more details or to answer any questions!

hi! Transcendent 4/12M 12/12H Newly transfered to Zul’Jin is recruiting to fill out our core roster for Mythic progression in Ny’alotha and forward. We are a Semi-Hardcore progression guild aiming to achieve Cutting Edge by end of tiers.

Raid Times
Tues 10PM - 1AM EST

Weds 10PM - 1AM EST

Thurs 10PM - 1AM EST

We start forming raid at 9:45PM EST and expect EVERYONE to be in raid by 10PM.

Raider Expectations
We expect all our raiders to come into raid with a progression based mindset. To come prepared, this means knowing the fights, being on time and having an understanding of your class/spec.

We supply all our raiders with Flask and Consumables.

Roster Needs

Holy Pally - HIGH NEED


Will consider ALL exceptional players regardless of roster needs!!

Contact Us!
Cobains, GM - hamster#11650 ~ BNET, hamsterhiatus#9997 DISCORD

Squid, Recruitment Officer - RuckFoyal#1273 ~BNET

Slandor, RL - BigChungus#1280 ~BNET

Meta, Officer - molo#1476

Bob, Officer - NightKnight#137637