[A] 10/10H AOTC Weekend Raiding Guild LF Tank

GMiH is an AotC raiding guild on Proudmoore. Founded in January 2008, we have hardcore roots and a love of min-maxing, but prefer a more relaxed schedule. Our goal each tier is to complete Ahead of the Curve and move to a one-day raiding schedule (Fridays) as quickly as possible.

Raid Times/Schedule

  • Fridays 6pm-9pm PT
  • Saturdays 9am-Noon PT

What We’re Looking For

  • Holy Paladin
  • Warrior
  • Tank (any spec)
  • Strong DPS (regardless of spec)

We maintain a roster of around 25 people, and are primarily only looking to fill a few important spots in our raid team. With that said, all exceptional DPS are welcome to apply.

Tanks and Healer roles are filled (though back-up roles may exist if you’re interested).

About Us

We are a Heroic-only raiding guild on Proudmoore, and have no interest in transitioning into a Mythic raid team. Once Heroic is on farm, we may kill a few Mythic bosses to keep things fresh (keeping to a one-day raiding schedule), but it is not our main priority.

We understand that our raiders have real lives and make allowances for that (we expect ~75% attendance). If you’re interested in joining a stable, semi-casual AotC guild that enjoys completing content quickly, we may be the guild for you.

Get In Touch

For any questions, contact Reason (Bnet: Reason#11527 or Discord: Reason#3960) or learn more about us at our website (gmihguild.com). Use the handy “Apply Now” button to apply to the guild today.

Looking for one or two healers to add to the core roster. Prefer if you are capable of swapping to dps spec. Also looking for dps with tank offspec who can tank m+ raid or be a backup tank for raid.

First two bosses down in Heroic. Could use a Holy Paladin.

If a warlock spot opens up im interested!

One more heroic boss down and cleaned up two more in normal.

What is your bnet? Or you can add me and we can chat about the guild. If you are serious about joining you are welcome to apply and the officers can take a look at the application.

Knocked out two more in Heroic this week. Potentially looking for a mage.

Holiday Sire kill and we are 10/10N. We are officially off the week of the 29th. Will be back to active progression on the 8th.

Holiday optional progress nets one more boss down.

Still looking for strong dps to help clear out the tier.

Not to shabby of a prog week. 3 new bosses dead and starting to see solid phase 2 attempts on Sire.

Getting to P3 of H Sire. Tier almost done. Looking for exceptional dps to help us finish it out.

10% wipe on H Sire. Hopefully next week he dies. Great fight and a lot of fun.

Sire died this morning on our first pull for the day. Starting recruiting for next tier.

Looking for a solid mage.

Still looking for some solid dps. Currently clearing raid in 2 hours on Friday night.

LF A mage, rogue, and/or a havoc DH.

Still room for strong dps.

LF Mage, DK, and/or a Havoc DH.

High priority on a good mage.