[A] 10/10H AOTC Weekend Raiding Guild LF Healer & DPS

High priority need for a mage and warlock.

Still room for more friends to join the team. We knocked out the achievement run for the raid last night. Had a good time. If you aren’t a listed class feel free to reach out as we might have room for you anyways.

Got room for a few more to prep for 9.1 and to do progression with us in 9.1.

Looking to round out the 9.1 roster with another couple of ranged. Priority given to mage and warlock.

On the look out for a mage or other exceptional dps to join our team.

Are you a mage looking for a good group to game with? Then we have a potential spot for you. Feel free to reach out and we can chat and see if we are a good fit.

Looking for a dps with tank offspec who might fill in as tank when one of ours is missing. Might get chance to tank a full tier if one of the current tanks wants to go dps. But, you would trial as a dps and need to pass as dps.

Beginning a raid break till 9.1. Still recruiting, but any trial will have to wait till the new tier. Feel free to reach out if you think we would be a good fit.

With the announcement of 9.1 release date we are looking for a mage to join us in raiding Sanctum.

I have two spots open in the raid team going into 9.1. Reach out if you are interested.

In the hunt for a hunter and a mage plus another one or two exceptional dps. Please reach out if interested.

Got a few spots left in the raid team for dps. Open to any dps classes/specs. Reach out if interested.

Friendly group of raiders looking for more friends to play the game with. Solid group of 20+ consistent raiders and looking to fill out our roster a bit more. Please contact me if you are interested.

3 out of 10 bosses down. Turns out we could use a tank and some melee dps. Who knew. If interested please reach out.

Four of ten Heroic bosses down. Got room for more dps within the raid team. Reach out if you are interested.

Got room for potentially two healers and a few dps to help us progress Painsmith and beyond. We downed Soulrender this weekend and are now playing with balls and chains. Reach out if interested.

Kick’n butt and taken names this week. Looking for more dps to join the team for some heroic action.

We brought the pain to Painsmith this week and then tickled Guardian a little. Guardian should drop quickly next week and then we will roll the runes with Fatescrybe.

Seeking active raiders who want to tango with Heroic raid bosses and have fun in m+. If you play well we aren’t particularly concerned about your pick of covenant, spec, or talents (other than our Mistweaver is begging for a balance druid for innervate).

Guardian dropped quickly this morning and we are on to learning what the fates have scribed for us. Looking for DK and a holy paladin in particular, but open to other classes as well.

We beat the loom and then thawed out KT. Now its just time for the dark lady herself. Looking for a few more people to join the great team for the rest of the tier and the rest of the tier.