9.2 prot will be 100% kyrian

I think all prots can agree the tier and double legos are looking sweet for kyrian. I mean dt Lego with bulwark or sigils both look amazing.
That being said can we get some love for the less used covs?

Necro for example. I love the theme and vanq is actually pretty beefy. That being said it can’t even approach the aoe dps and defensiveness of divine toll as it is now. With double legos there will literally be no situation: raid/m+/PvP, single or aoe where kyrian isn’t the best dps and defensive which is a bit disappointing.

I get that thematically they were trying to use holy power spenders in the vanq proc however normally a well played prot hardly even uses wog, even in high keys! The current prot version is useless (even with the buff). In fact utilising the buff is a dps and def loss mainly due to the GCD on wog. Because of this the best way to play Necro prot is to completely ignore the proc.

My thought would be to switch the ability to “the next sotr also casts wog, any overhealing from this wog creates a shield equal to the overhealing” or something similar. This would make the vanq buff actually useful and potentially competitive in single target instead of useless in all situations.

Anyone else have thoughts on nonkyrian prot changes?

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My prot paladin is currently NF. Using them to grind out that sweet sweet white bark armor from the NF. So, they will not be changing over in 9.2

The meta will generally remain the same as it is now:

-Kyrian for M+
-Venthyr/Night Fae for raid

Night Fae could be really strong for raiding as they gain a lot from double legendary and the Venthyr legendary is actually bad.

Yeah, it’s gunna be hella hard to pass up Divine Toll + whatever great Pally Leggo.

Undortunaly my Pally is my 2nd alt now and I’m likely gunna put them into Venthyr just for the sake of Covenent diversity.

It’s either that or put my Vengeance DH in Venthyr and keep Pally in Kyrian.

Tough call. Vengeance loves Kyrian so I guess it will come down to which alt I think I might wanna mess with more…touch call though.

There is no combination of legendaries that will ever make Kyrian the best for raiding. Mad Paragon + the covenant legendary for Venthyr/Night Fae will add more damage than anything Kyrian brings to the table.

Not sure how you tested that when Double legendary isn’t active on the PTR. You shouldn’t be making up numbers.

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Raiding will be venthyr for sure

I would love to see that change for necro. I enjoy playing necro for holy and ret but it feels bad for prot.

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Unless ashen is nerfed by 60%.

Ashen hasn’t been nerfed tho. It’s a tooltip bug.

I hope so. That would be a pretty ridiculous nerf.

Yeah it’s like Devs don’t even know how prot plays… Weird