9.2 Necorlord vs Kyrian PvP

So in 9.2 comes the use of double legendaries 1 covenant legendary and 1 of your choosing, the necrolord legendary is close to useless so would it be a better option to swap kyrian for 2 good legendaries or is necro strong enough to compete with kyrian while having 1 useless legendary?

Rip necro o le irony

Feel like it will remain comp dependent. Like ret/feral/DH necro will be better, simply put the mastery buff does a significant amount for those classes on burst. But for like KFC/WW/Spriest/mage/lock, spear with 2 good leggos will probably take your further not just with damage but also as a peel for goes. Basically just does X do tons more damage with the mastery buff than necro if not than kyrian. Expect a rise in Melee cleaves (ret/feral/DH) next patch with the changes coming somewhat securing that necro war stays around. however you could make the argument that lets say DH would prefer spear for uptime and cleave. Necrolord leggo is unfortunate tho and I wish they would change it.

Kyrian is going to be so far ahead of everything else for PvP due to the strength of the covenant Lego. It makes me sad.

I can’t see them changing any of the other covenant Legos to be competitive before 9.2 drops.

Obvious first pick is going to be Kyrian, as big spear baseline is just great, and lets you branch into Enduring, Misshapen, Sephuz, Unhinged, etc, depending on the matchup.

Something that I think might have potential is Venthyr with Battlelord/Enduring and lots of haste, especially if they go ahead and give Venthyr itself buffs as it seems to have fallen off.

Need to play around with Glory more to see if it has potential, but various synergies with other specs could keep Necro in decent shape despite what could be a fairly underwhelming covenant legendary.

Night Fae truly seems bad. Maybe, MAYBE if you’re playing something like TSG with an Rdruid and keeping them locked in the knockdown zone for a prolonged period of time.

Don’t knock NF war that easily. Aftershock + storm bolt will either force a trinket or cause heavy damage from knockdown + dot. It can slap super hard.

Covenant choice as others have said will be comp dependant. You definitely get much more mileage out of necro/kyrian for melee cleaves for instance.