9.2 Demo 2pc Bonus

Do you guys think the special imp will deal dmg when he expires, or will we have to hit Implode? It says when the imp is slain, which is think is worded poorly. I hope it isn’t something we have to kill. 20% SP isn’t a lot of dmg for something like that.

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Thats actually the [4] pieces bonus, you can check it here: https://ptr.wowhead.com/item-set=1507/shroud-of-the-demon-star

It’s kind of obscure at the moment how it works, so any talk about it is purely speculation but…i do believe a Malicious Imp is a just a Wild Imp with some modifications, this mean they “die” when they are either Imploded or when they expire.

As for the something we have to kill, i wouldn’t worry about that because if it was…it wouldn’t be worth it as that would make it literally worse than shadow bolt [who generates 1 shard but deals somewhere around 25~28% spell power, not sure would need to check wowhead]

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But the way I am also reading the tooltip is saying we would have to be in range is it 30 yards or is it melee range i could see that being a very double edge sword and in some cases not a good thing at all in fact very poor… or at least poor design

Could you show to me where you are seeing the 30yards?

If we need to implode the imp… that is the range of it but it also says “your current” target do you have to be standing within 8 yards like the sub targets of implode or is it like using implosion where it launches it at the target

and given that your imps don’t really move all that much one they are summoned… that could mean you would need to stand within that 8 yard range to have the extra damage from that imps “death”

I’m pretty sure I can cast Implode from 40 yds.

whatever the number is… i just used 30 as an example

You don’t need to Implode the Malicious Imp for it to deal it’s 19% damage in single target.

He will either deal a single target ability called Doom bolt that deals 19% spell power when it expires or deal a AoE ability called Spite that deals 19% spell power when it gets Imploded.

Doombolt and Spite don’t seem to have reduced range compared to their regular version[Felfirebolt and Implosion]

Some other information: Implosion max Range should be 40 yards, same as shadow bolt, Hand of guldan and most of our other spells: https://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=196277/implosion.

Imps will move if they can’t have a line of sight from the target to cast their spells.

If the target die while a Imp still have energy he won’t stand still but follow you for a maximum duration of 40s counting from the time he first spawned.

So, i don’t think we will need to be in a specific range for it to not bug out, but i will double check that on ptr when i have some time.

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