9.1.5 Shadow. Is this a joke?

Is this a joke? Is this a freaking joke? Raising the AoE cap for every class and buffing a handful of classes but absolutely no changes to us? No addressing our ramp up time, no reversal in the nerf to DP which makes misery playstyle utterly disgusting. With the AoE cap lifted for MOST classes, we’re screwed. Even glacial fragments legendary for mages… Like cmon… As if frost wasn’t doing INSANE AoE. I’d like you guys’ thoughts. Maybe i’m exaggerating because I saw the latest notes and i was like :open_mouth:. Unacceptable. We’re already a very “hard” class to master. Now we add the fact that we’re making every other class more competitive. Our changes are a joke. StM increase to 30 seconds? Really? Psychic link up to 60% from 50%? Psychic Link is a joke and is extremely Niche. I’m very disappointed. I’ve been playing Shadow Priest for 12 years and I’ve never been so disappointed with the developers as I am now. I’m in awe. I won’t reroll, ever. I’ll just face the fact that we’re gonna be on the bottom of m+ meters the rest of Shadowlands. :(.
Thoughts y’all?
Have a nice day priest community, love you guys <3


Aren’t you playing a resto shaman which means you already rerolled? I am confusion. Just play holy priest :upside_down_face:


Removing the cap itself the best thing they can do since it made no sense to put it in the first place, but I’m sure itll be obvious of the extra dps itll bring with it, either blizz just might retune the mobs to make up for that extra windfall or removing aoe cap to an extent like prob do less dps to secondary targets if it goes up that ally,

The PTR hasn’t actually been updated with the patch so we have no clue if there’s any hidden changes not in the notes. They’ll also be adding more changes over the weeks.

Shadow needs a way to apply both main dots to a whole group. Misery should be baseline. Unfurling Darkness should be changed to make Vampiric Touch apply to all targets near your target.

The 9.1 nerfs to shadow were unnecessary, as shadow was only good at sustained single target. Other classes are also good at that, but way better at burst and at AOE and they didn’t get nerfed.


May as well delete VT and roll everything into shadow word pain at that point.

Bliz don’t want dots to do aoe damage, and honestly they kinda suck at it anyway. Problem is the alternative they gave us feels terrible compared to seed / rapture and starfall.

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I think Psychic Link should generate insanity to be really competitive against Auspicious Spirits and Shadow Crash.


The only way I can think psychic link could work its 100% damage from mind blast or 60% of DP i think the idea should be you sacrifice damage in one target but you add 2 or 3 target and should no doubt that psychic link is better but roght now offer so little that is just a useless talent.

If you loved us, you’d articulate your thoughts better. I gave up 3 sentences in… Enough with the buzz/empty word vomit.

However since you wanted thoughts:

  1. I think we will be fine.
  2. No I don’t think it’s a joke
  3. We’ve been though worse. Sure it could be better, but this isn’t the state of shadow in BFA, the sky is not falling and the class is not broken.
  4. Other classes were hit much harder than us when the cap was introduced and frankly need the help more than we do.

Psychic Link should hit 4 targets with VT for 100% damage, up from 50%.

Psychic Link is currently uncapped, but it’s actually capped by the number of targets you can maintain VT on, minus whatever higher priority GCDs you also need to cast. In practice 4 targets is about the maximum you would want to maintain VT, which means the 50% scaling is completely unnecessary.

If they did that, I don’t think it needs to generate insanity on each target hit to be competitive, assuming you build around it with Talbadar’s, Mind Devourer, Fortress of the Mind, etc.

You know the idea of psychic link is good but they fail to recognize that MB is like a filler now most of your damage come from DP 40% from dp will be find or 100% from MB because at the end PL doesnt offer any insanity regeneration it just a talent for cleve and dont work