9.1.5 PTR Ilvl changes will not work

I mean cosmetics are the reward for the effort.

Seriously ranked locked gear just encourages dumb things like fotm in both comps and specs, boosting and still leaves worse players to be at a disadvantage they don’t need to be at (they’re already worse lol).

Edit to add that new/alt players will still be at a large disadvantage thanks to conduits and leggos. There just doesn’t need to be any gear stuff.

Yes the gap is smaller, still not a fan. Not sure if it’s good enough for me.

Quest gear scales 240
Honor 250
Conquest 259 with no rating locks.

Then just leave the ratings for the PvE side.


the PvP ilvl difference is only 16 from lowest to highest? that is massive compared to what it’s at now.


Yeah that’s ultimately the ideal state. WoD was the best implementation of PvP gear. But I’m willing to try their fix first, because I sense that it’s a good mix of gear progression and equality.

I would be okay with this.

just be good and get the gear.

Blizz updated their list.

I find this list decent. They made Duelist the same as Elite in PVP, only increasing the PVE reward.

I’m satisfied with this version.


I’m not. the issue is the gap, not the steepness of the climb.

so far all they did was lower the rating you need to get ilvl which ignores the fact that people don’t want to play rated. 1400 rating or 1000 or 100 rating doesn’t matter, its not a game mode people want to play. as evidenced by the fact that RBGs were nearly dead without the rating for gear and vault, people dont play rated unless they are forced to.

the honor gear still has an upgrade system when it shouldn’t, and the 4 ilvl bump in pvp ilvl is nothing to write home about, hardly enough to even be called lip service.


Okay this is slightly worse that it used to be and it’s disappointing. The gap was just right previously and this one is too big again.


Like I said though… It just encourages degenerate behavior, even if the gap isnt that crazy.

In wod everyone qued everything, with everyone all season long. Then they might go hardcore on the fotm, excluding bad players and general douchery at the end of the season for an end season push.

I’m in a PvP guild alliance side right now and people won’t que with others because they’re all trying to gain rating. The only guy that does is some duelist that already maxed out his gear and has no intention of pushing higher. It’s just lame man. Doesn’t belong in PvP.

It doesn’t matter as much in PvE because doing a low key with some guildies doesn’t negatively affect you in anyway. My PvE guild is poppin lol


So if I’m reading this correctly, max upgraded Honor gear will be 233 in pvp. And unranked Conquest gear will be 233 in pvp. If thats the case then a casual bg hero like myself has no need for Conquest anymore am I rite?

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What happens when Chad rolls into your random BG with his 259? This is a rhetorical question.


Yea that happens occasionally, but not all the time. My point is that if random bgs are all I do, then I have no reason to pursue Conquest anymore if the honor gear is equal ilvl once upgraded. Maybe transmog I guess

Technically you are correct, but you will also be fighting people with a 26 ilvl advantage over you unless you get the conquest gear and can get rating to raise it. I feel terrible for the casual bg’er if things stay this way. I already feel bad for the 1400 players trying to break 1600 that will have a 13 ilvl disadvantage.


PVE content like Torghast benefits from Conquest over Honor.


There will still be a 46 ilvl difference between entry level honor gear @59 renown and max conquest gear. That’ll be enough to keep out any new players or alts.


Yeah my time runs out in a few days and I am not sure imma get more. The pvp changes are stupid.


As I understand it a casual player doesnt want rank 1. There is no such thing as a “casual” rank 1 player. And the difference between 2100 and 2400 is literally 3 ilvls and 1600-2400 is 12 ilvls. I can bet you that a “casual” 3’s team will get smoked by a gladiator xp 3s team while the casual team has a 20 ilvl advantage. No. I don’t want to buy boosts. No. I don’t mind this change. And No. Blizz isnt spitting in my face (in this way at least).

“understand that for most casuals, this chart stops at rank 1, and to progress it will require purchasing a carry, as in pvp is now pay to play at all, more than just pay to win, you have to buy a carry just to play at all.” -false.
As a casual player myself, the best tip I can provide is to network yourself with LFG. Make a list of Btags and consistently play with the same people. In time rating will come, and following that the gear.


You haven’t even had BiS gear this xpac, why are you defending a system that is preventing you from playing the game fully geared how it was designed to be played?


If they are going to lock gear with certain combo’s of stats on them in slots behind rating in order to attain them at any real ilvl, At least add in PVE drops of gear that mirror the stats for those slots.

I guess the dealer came in because these devs are on something. I’d try some but it’s obvious that one of the side effects is being as dumb as possible.