9.1.5 PTR Ilvl changes will not work

Player versus Player

  • Lower item-level PvP gear will now scale to a higher item-level in PvP situations than before. This should reduce the power level gap so that new characters can feel that they’re able to compete in Battlegrounds and Arenas more readily. This change will not affect high item-level PvP gear.
  • Additional PvP Titles and Item Level Ranks have been added to provide a more granular upgrade path for players climbing up the ranks.
New Rating Title Item Level
Rank 1 Unranked 220
1000 Rank 2 Combatant I 223
1200 Rank 3 Combatant II 226
1400 Rank 4 Challenger I 229
1600 Rank 5 Challenger II 233
1800 Rank 6 Rival I 236
1950 Rank 7 Rival II 239
2100 Rank 8 Duelist 242
2400 Rank 9 Elite 246

This is not an improvement. the problem is that the gap exists at all and requires rating to overcome, not that the curve is too steep, this is now tripling down on what pissed off all the casual pvpers.

spitting in our faces for the 3rd patch in a row is not the way forward.

understand that for most casuals, this chart stops at rank 1, and to progress it will require purchasing a carry, as in pvp is now pay to play at all, more than just pay to win, you have to buy a carry just to play at all.


Yup, I’m out for good this time if this goes live, tbc won’t be keeping me around this time. This fixes absolutely nothing. Even if they bring honor gear way up or something it’s still no good. Still a fairly large gap and rating locked and therefore encouraging a**nine behaviors.


So… they went the opposite direction and doubled-down? NINE upgrade tiers?? :rofl:

EDIT: looking at the chart, it actually looks like a slight nerf to PvP gearing. Max gear now comes from 2400, was previously 2100…


They are making rival gear harder to obtain and boosting honor gear. They probably have the numbers showing most paid boosts are in the rival range.

So their fix is a very sloppy fix.

The more elegant solution is just two gear sets of honor and conquest and no upgrade ranks.

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100% correct, bring the gear pvp ilvls together so that the lowest is something like 12 below the highest.


You think 2100 gear will be retroactively nerfed (as in, if I grind out 2100 gear now, it’ll be dropped once 9.1.5 goes live)?

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These changes will not bring me back to PvP.
Everything about SL PvP is terrible and Blizzard is not learning anything from it at all.




if so, whoever thought that was a good idea deserves to be removed from game design


They updated that table. PvP item level difference now will only be 16 item levels between unranked and Gladiator. And reaching 1200 already brings it down to 10. And there’s not many Gladiators walking around so practically people will be within 4-8 item levels. This looks good to me.

The problem is honor gear now. If it’s left behind unchanged it will still remain a massive barrier of entry.


Where’s that listed?

Wait, I swear it was there… Did they remove it? This one https://www.bluetracker.gg/wow/topic/us-en/1082616-ptr-915-development-notes/#4

Could you link it please?

That was the only trace of that post I could find. It’s gone from the official thread.

Yeah decent changes but pvp will continue to be dead with rating requirements on gear.


While I agree this is better, it’s still fundamentally giving better players better gear. Which doesn’t make sense. Also more levels now? So even more grinds to max? Better decrease upgrade costs.

I’m pretty torn now. I really don’t know what I’m gonna do. I was out with the initial announcement. This still isn’t good enough so I’m on the fence.


I saw the original table before they changed it. I don’t remember all of the items levels, but unranked was 242, 1400 was 250 2100 was 258, 2400 was 259 ilvl. The gear gap is much better than it has been so i’m happy. Now they just need to nerf the honor point requirement to upgrade honor gear =b

Somebody took a screenshot

I think it’s good enough. I’m only concerned about random BGs, mostly people there are 1800 at most and getting to 1200 would already put you within 6 item levels from them, which is reasonable. And because rewards start at 1000 it’s actually much more accessible to casual players to taste that gear ladder. It’s a nice reward for the effort without making it overpowering.


I’m curious where max honor gear will be. Hopefully it’s like 240

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This is actually pretty good, I would have liked to have seen unranked be a little higher than that, but still a good move.

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