9.1.5 Holy Priest Proposals

Since Blizzard has stated they’re buffing/nerfing classes in 9.1.5 and are incapable of understanding the issues Holy Priests face in content here are ideas on how to improve the quality and competitiveness of the class and spec. From the Cata days of Chakra Renew/COH spamming to now being pigeon holed into a Heal spam centric playstyle and legendary, I am quite frankly sick of it and tired of the dev team being incapable of simple buffs over the past 10-year period…so here I am to give your dev team ideas.

-Increase Heal spells % and remove Flash Concentration. We are pigeon holed into one legendary as the regular heal modifiers are absolutely abysmal. Is spamming Flash Heal before a pull, casting it before using a Spires Angel to fly over, casting it midway through steps in DoS, casting it before falling in Theater, etc etc. to maintain stacks compelling gameplay to you? It also totally negates every other legendary including covenant specific you’ve created as we have no choice but to take this.
-During Holy Fire’s DOT duration Smites damage is increased by xx%.
-Instant Smite can be used during an Echo of Light Proc increasing smite damage by xx%.
-Remove Body and Soul and make Angelic Feather baseline (we have been asking for mobility for what 10 years?), bring back Inner Fire/Will and Spectral Guise to the talent row.
-Make the Echo of Light mastery have a damage component as well and proc off Divine Star.
-Bring back Mind Sear as Holy Sear with a 5-second holy art rework.
-Apotheosis also allows casting on the move during it’s 20-second duration.
-Allow Chastise to also apply a debuff on the target increasing damage done by all targets for xx duration by xx%.
-Rework Symbol of Hope to be actually useful in ANY form of content.

If no changes are made I would like an explanation on what the philosophy of the quintessential healer is when we pull less HPS than a Holy Paladin with instant cast heals, less damage than any other Healer, and have less mobility, utility, and survivability than all other classes. Thanks!!!


Pretty much what’s already planned for 9.1.5 is already loaded up so we’ll just see what makes it next week.

Agree with making Flash Concentration not mandatory. Whatever that entails without screwing our throughput. Throughput in general is lacking for us considering our lack of DR or utility.

Healer damage in general as a concept really needs to be looked at as does the balance between healers. I’m tired of my team begging me to go Venthyr Holy Paladin for that extra damage in keys.

Only change Apotheosis needs is to be off the GCD.

Symbol of Hope itself I think is good CD. It’s just not enough utility to make Holy worth taking over the better throughput healers or the disc/shaman/pally trifecta during progression. If anything I’d say we need more Hymns/Symbols that do more things for the raid.

I don’t think raid balance is too terrible this tier. Holy clearly an underdog which should be addressed. Mistweaver turned into throughput MONSTERS this tier so they’re gucci. It’s just Holy now. Mythic balance however is pretty terrible in higher keys. I’m shocked they haven’t done more to stop the Paladin/Shaman domination of the charts.


no might as well spam holy shock as a hpally

absolutely yesss

sounds great!

yep this is probably the biggest thing holy priests lack

maybe OP we need that interupt and this would probably make the devs give it a 2 min CD :frowning: with no way to improve that :frowning:

take it off the GCD and make it reduce the cooldown of all abilities by a percent everyone uses some spell (like 1% per cast of a spell)

mobility is a big deal a lot of people cast dots/heals on the move, renew is great, sw:pain is great for movement but we really could benifit from something like holy fire becoming instant cast instead and flash heal becoming instant cast with a proc or something. Based on the nubmer of renew ticks we got going. So for example if we are in a high movement fight, the more renews we have out the more flash heal procs we get and it just makes gameplay smoother.

There is a talent that gives you flash heal charges that are instant - consider that for mobility some more.

We could get a talent or ability that gives us a bit more out of bubbles as well. I think body and soul is terrible spam but renew-bubble-flash - heal on the move seems like rolled into one it will help bring people back up some. At least you can keep healing the tank while posititioning.

Bring back lightwell as a talent… replace cosmic ripple with lightwell

Lightwell can die in a fire.