9.1.5 Character Customizations: New and Improved You

Hey Blizzard. Where is the Mok’thanal Orc Customization Options for Orcs as well as the Stromgarde Vrykul/Dalaran Thin Humans?

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Will there be anymore customizations in the future for Void Elves. Despite haivng more options on skin tones, eye colours and hair colours as well as a tenticle toggle option, we’re still limited on our customizations such as hair styles for an example.


I find it ridiculous that you guys choose to use that picture to feature the whole narrative when the NB hands glow is still clearly wrong. The original hands glow is much brighter and have an even brighter outline on all NB NPCs.
What you’re showing was just a rushed photoshop brush over the texture and nothing more.

Are you for real?


I was under the impression it was still undergoing testing - their wording when it was announced suggested that. It feels a bit strange to me as well that they’ve decided to move on from it already when there have been many bugs on the ptr (aside from it not being as luminous as it should be)


I don’t think they’re classic emergency updates.
It’s been a slow drip of a subrace that was requested to be the actual race since Vanilla.

That’s actually new, and it’s been hilarious to watch because people still going into a meltdown over it happening is precisely why they had to do it slow.

Now that people are asking for actual gothic stuff for them, it’s just round 2.
This race can’t win unless it’s making it ugly as sin to appease people who cannot be appeased at all.

Anyways, red eyes for void elves please.

We already have 90% of the vampire kit anyways. Finish it off with some minor stuff that also expands the void kit (little bat ears for cultists would be cute af and I’d use it for my velf lock) and let void elves become the quintessential non-zombie goth race.
Red is also a void colour, but the one eye colour alone unlocks the second most popular request on the forums. Maybe not on the side some people want it, but it’s the one that actually makes sense at this point.

Doesn’t “steal” dark rangers to give them red eyes because Blood Elves don’t have red eyes, and both can actually have some variant of red eyed goth without it being theft or the end of the world. They’re separate entities, although, dark ranger paladins makes about as much sense as void elf paladins, so can we put that one on the table too?


Perhaps the blizzard team could consider releasing the actual content and quality of life changes they’ve been working on for patch 9.1.5 as soon as possible (haven’t heard anything regarding pvp changes btw- at least not regarding what the entire pvp community wants) I don’t think most people would mind waiting a bit longer just for the customization options to be released. There’s lots of requests that still haven’t been addressed. I understand you can’t do all of them, but since you were initially saying your focus was going to be on updating the lightforged draenei and nightborne, can you at least take a little bit of extra time going through the feedback on both of these races and try to implement the requests you see the most of? I’m really pleased to see you have been listening to some nightborne requests, but there are many major flaws in the design & we would like to see these things fixed before it goes live. As for the lightforged Draenei, I haven’t really seen much communication regarding them and you haven’t added anything else after your initial announcement. Please understand customization is very important to many players, and like I said before, I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer for the customization to be done right.

he made a great list summarizing a lot of the players wants
Feel free to browse through the threads regarding lightforged draenei Lightforged / Draenei customization Feedback Thread. Currently the new options are lacking in fantasy & nightborne as well Feedback: Nightborne Customization
As I said, I understand implementing everything the players want isn’t realistic right now, but please browse through and take a look at the few things that stand out to you as you read through these forums. I hope to see customization options for other allied races in the future too when you guys get to them.


Give us the option of a Classic Only reduced sub, I’d lock in 12 months in a heartbeat, currently letting sub lapse, please, I don’t want my money going towards retail at all, thanks.

Here are a few more customization threads that I could find, the participants of which would be equally as grateful for your attention and / or acknowledgement.


Barber Shop Time!!
I am ready to line up my characters so they can look good!


Why did Void Elves benefit during the time Blizzard said was core races? Blood Elves lost visual uniqueness to give them a second visual theme, NEs got updates and NB weren’t touched on. Now NB get their time in the sun and VEs get updated again? Yet BEs didn’t benefit on any sense of adjacency to VE updates the way VEs have seemed to benefit twice now, same with NB they didn’t get bumped into the first customization roll outs.

Blood Elves shouldn’t have to compete with future options that should be Blood Elf exclusives like Farstrider tattoos, and I hope they allow BEs to also have RP tools in a second visual theme to offset the loss of visual uniqueness we saw both times VEs received updates.


thank you blizzard please keep bringing more customizations for the races of WoW.

if this is causing the posibility of adding more allied race in the game i can understand and honestly right now i prefer more customization options before brining in a new race into play.

i just hope we get to play Ogres someday.


i dunno. all i know is velfs still only have the same hairstyles they started with.




Yes, please.

Thank you for linking my thread!


Rawr my body is ready for blonde hair!!
Love Wins :rainbow:

You know what would be extra brownie points Blizzard? Giving us the heritage recolors we already know exist.


Love should always win over anything negative.


Heritage armors = Love :+1:


Yes, indeed.


So excited for my hair colors!! I’m also looking forward to our own pass as well <33!! I can’t wait to be a blonde void elf <3! Just like Alleria hehe <3