9/10H Havoc DH, Ele Shaman 90% + Parsers LF Mythic Guild

We are currently looking for a 18+ Mythic guild. We are seasoned mythic raiders who are looking for a serious mythic progression guild that raids 6-9 hrs per week. We began the raid tier strong but fell behind with the Holidays and trying to play with friends. Our previous raid experience is listed below.

Will NOT faction change!

Raid Progression
Ny’alotha: 11/12 Mythic (quit before corruption vendor came out)

6:00pm to 1:00am EST
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and possible Sunday.

Warcraft Logs:
Chikenfing - Mal’Ganis, Havoc: 213 ilvl, RaiderIO: 1100
Achieved gladiator title last season
BFA logs: /www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/malganis/chikenfing?zone=24&new=true#difficulty=4&partition=2

Doryni - Mal’Ganis, Ele: 212 ilvl, Resto: 210 ilvl (have legendary for both), RaiderIO:1100

Battle Tag:
Havoc DH: Chickenfing#1322
Ele Shaman: Dorini#1815


Sent you a bnet inv. Would love to chat

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Bump! Looking to push progression this time around. Check our parses!

Hey there, we could use a couple more solid dps on our team.
I’ll leave a bit of our spam info below for your consideration.
Look forward to hearing from you, otherwise best of luck on your search!


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Still looking!

Sup pumpers, I think you guys would be a great fit :slight_smile:


Hi Dor!

Hi hellen!

Guild & Server: Predictive Gaming [H] Thrall

Who Are We?
Predictive Gaming is gearing up for Shadowlands, and currently looking for core raiders and people interested in rated battlegrounds! We are a mix of newer players and OG Vets. Predictive Gaming was first formed to be a place where people could come together and have an inclusive environment to game and meet friends. We strive to maintain that inclusive, laid-back vibe, but at the same time focused on our ultimate goal; winning and developing as players and people.

Raid Times: Tuesday / Friday 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. EST

Current Progression: 10/10N 8/10H

Our Goals and Requirements
Our goal is to push as much content as possible while not losing sight on our ultimate goal, to enjoy World of Warcraft.

Needs: Any exceptional players!
High Needs: Ranged dps / Healers / 1 tank

Contact: Swagner#7414 on disc, Swaggoner IG or you can email us at PredictiveGaming@outlook.com

Lizard Wizards is a newly formed guild with the aim of creating a Mythic raid team composed of intelligent players. Our raid leader has achieved Cutting Edge multiple times and has had prior experience as a raid leader. We are currently only 7/10H due to lack of time and raiders. Raid times are Wed/Thurs with Friday’s being optional from 7-10pm EST. Our main goal is to create a versatile community with events where people can pvp, raid, and just hang out.

If you’re interested in joining feel free to add me (shaman#2350) or our RL (Dethlaf#3558) on discord.

bump! Looking for something with mythic progress already

Mythic prog starting real soon! we’re a raid team that has been recruiting since the start and in one week we have cleared 6/10h to 9/10h

(10/10N 9/10H) is currently recruiting healers and DPS for Nathria Progression. We are a CE-minded guild, and will be pushing to get that at a comfortable pace this tier. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9 PM - 12 AM EST, and we’ll have optional raid days for alts on Saturday, as the tier progresses. While the guild itself is new, most of our raiders have extensive experience in Cutting Edge progression. If you’re interested in getting CE in a friendly but serious environment, we’d love to have you join! We also are accepting social members for M+ and PvP.

Currently, we are heavily looking to recruit the following roles:

Any Healer (Need 1-2 ATM)
Windwalker Monk
DPS Shaman
Unholy Death Knight
Shadow Priest
Additionally, we have spots on our roster which we are willing to replace with any class/spec, provided you can play it well. If you’re interested in joining, you can contact me in-game or through one of the following channels:

Bnet: Eradin#1805 Discord: Eradin#6963

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Rejex is a mythic raiding Horde guild on Arthas recruiting for Shadowlands PvE content. The raiding team was created in the middle of 8.3 and we stopped at 10/12M (CE was in sights if we knew SL would be delayed). We are currently 10/10 N CN and 8/10H CN. The core group is looking to recruit ranged DPS and a Havoc DH !

We raid twice a week WED/THURS 7:00 to 10:00 EST

Don’t hesitate to communicate with Poopdollar#1617 or Svester#11268 on BNET


Poopdollar#6583 and Svester#7164 on Discord.

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Bump! Check out our logs, you won’t be disappointed!

Hey I added you both on Bnet. Would really love to speak with you.

About Us. :slight_smile:
This guild came to fruition after a couple of friends wanted a fun raiding experience while also being competitive. We are currently building a mythic roster for CN with just a few spots left. We are located on Bleeding Hollow /horde

Raid Times
Wednesday & Thursday
10:00pm - 2:00am EST

10/10 Normal
10/10 Heroic
2/10 M

What We Want From Our Raiders
-Great Attendance
-Friendly Attitude
-Knowledge of Encounters
-Raid Awareness

Trial period lasts 4-6 raid nights. Afterwards, Officers will assess overall performance. Trial periods may be extended in certain cases.

We are currently in need of :
Tank: Prot Pally
Healers: Holy Pally
Ranged and Melee: Open to outstanding applicants

We are currently looking for members to perfect our mythic roster.

Required Add-ons:
DBM or BigWigs

If interested message Asuna#9953 On discord

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