9.1 - Pet costs 10,000 Polished Pet Charms

The raid drops aren’t as bad as they seem. I just spent last night checking out my luck and managed to get multiple The Stoppable Force and Robble’s Wobbly Staff. The good thing about the raid drops is that they come from the trash, so you can just clear trash, don’t kill bosses (so you don’t get saved to the instance), zone out and reset, and repeat. Being max level makes killing the mobs trivial.

It’s like a (doable) scavenger hunt, which is a kind of refreshing change from the usual “spend gold or charms to get X pet”. As long as I can look for the items on my main and it doesn’t require any additional hoops, I don’t mind hunting/grinding.


I ran Karazhan 4 times and got no Stoppable Forces.

RNG is RNG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wowhead however, has them both listed as a 1% drop.

I’m not entire sure what BC raid you did for the Stoppable Force that didn’t have the vast majority of its trash that can drop it locked behind bosses.

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What’s even worse, is some of the grey items, like Rabbit’s Foot and Rotting Bear Carcass, are locked behind low level characters. They will not drop at level 60.

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I just created a lvl 1 for the Rabbit’s Foot and found plenty. For the Carcass, so as it doesn’t ruin the hunt for some, a hint: dungeon loot tables aren’t affected by the world/player scaling :wink:


Being an OCD completionist doesn’t mean I WANT it to take up my entire damn life.


To really be doing OCD right, you DO want this to take up your whole damn life.

For anyone curious, where I farmed the 9 items:

Fresh Level 10 Allied Race (Locked behind Chromie Time, so you can’t get these on a 50-60)

EDIT: #3 and #4 are not dropping for everyone in Chromie Time. Only confirmed drops have been on fresh characters as of 9.0.5. So either create a fresh Allied Race, or farm them from their alternate locations.

  1. Rabbit’s Foot - Wolves in the Human Starting Area or in Mulgore, just make a new human or tauren character for quick access.
  2. Rotting Bear Carcass - Mangeclaw in Dun Morogh, right before the tunnel to Loch Modan (50% drop rate as opposed to 5% on the bears in Loch Modan). Can also be farmed in Old Hillsbrad Foothills Dungeon from the Bears.
  3. Large Slimy Bone - the two types of slimes right outside the gate leading to Loch Modan from Wetlands. Can also be farmed in Wailing Caverns from the Slimes on any level character.
  4. Ground Gear - Harvest Watchers at Farshire in Borean Tundra. Can also be farmed in Ulduar from Flame Leviathan and Mimiron on any level character. NOT 100% drop even from the raid boss.

Ones obtained on a 60:

  1. A Frayed Knot - Pick Pocketed Rogues outside of Stormwind. Bandits and Cutpurses. Only took me a few tries.
  2. Very Unlucky Rock - Obtained via the treasure in Nazmir that has a 100% drop on it.

And the ones I consider sadistic:

  1. Dark Iron Baby Booties - Only one source, from the Relic Coffers in BRD, 5% drop chance.
  2. Robble’s Wobbly Staff - Firelands Trash, 1% drop from any of it. (Pretty much any cata raid works, but Firelands lets you kill a lot before you can exit and reset)
  3. The Stoppable Force - Sunwell Trash, 1% drop from any of it. (Again, any BC raid, but there’s a lot of trash in Sunwell before you can reset without killing any bosses)

And I’m still BEGGING Blizzard to lower the pet charm pet to 5,000 Charms. That’s MUCH more reasonable than 10k.

250 Charm pets go for 20-60k. 10,000 Charms is just begging for this pet to cost millions. This pet essentially costs 40 other pet charm pets, but has nothing unique to it except its color.


I am so happy I walked into SL with over 19,000 pet charms in my bank alts bank.

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What do you mean locked behind Chromie…does that mean you have to be on chromie quest line or not?

The items won’t drop on Azeroth if you are out of Chromie Time. AKA level 50+.

I don’t know why they did it that way, but they did. Have a few friends who were farming items with me document those 4 as not dropping.

Rabbit’s Foot has an 80% drop chance from the Hyenas in Tanaris, but I spent a good 2.5 hours killing them and never got it. Meanwhile, my allied race got 4 in less than 5 minutes on the wolves in Elwynn which have a much lower drop rate.

EDIT: Apparently there’s more to the Ground Gear and possibly Large Slimy Bone than just Chromie Time. People in the WCP Discord spent hours farming them in Chromie Time and nada. My friend and I both got it on a fresh character within minutes.


My friend (on a level 20 unsubbed character) and my level 46 Druid ran Wailing Caverns last night and both of us looted the Large Slimy Bone from the Nightmare Ectoplasm mobs at the end fight.

Neither of us were in Chromie Time nor have either of us ever used it.

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I have a lvl 45 rogue I took over to Wetlands and must of killed over 300 slimes there for the Large Slimy Bone…still couldn’t get it too drop, and even tried pick pocketing them and still no bone…

Yea, we’re trying to figure out what the criteria is.

The Bone and Gear are dropping for freshly made characters, but not previously existing characters.

I added alternative locations that don’t require Chromie Time to the big post.

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If you don’t mind spoilers, I wrote a post on my blog about each of the items. All items collected on a max lvl toon, except for one. Also used a rogue to pickpocket.


Are the items tradable? Are they sellable on the AH? Can see botters exploiting this if so

Yes, they are all grey items and not soulbound. I see plenty listed on the AH now (for absurd prices, lol).


Yeah I seen the long bone on my realm listed for $50,000 gold …

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I had to dig deep into my alts to find at least one toon that hasn’t done that Lucky Chest for the unlucky rock…so far found 1 alt that got it…LOL

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I just did a full run of Kara on one of my alts – she killed every mob in there. She looted x2 of The Stoppable Force.

What is WCP?