9.1 LOL @ Rogues

Can’t wait till you lose your perma restealth capabilities. Rogues are such trash and we all gonna see it come 9.1.


someone call a wahhhmbulance and click respec assassination

rogues r still gonna be good


Pls no bully :frowning:


Out of all classes in Azeroth… rogues have never seen a bad PvP season. There’s always 1 spec right there (along with mages). Don’t project your inquietudes in others. See you at the maw ^^


“but not for me”

-9.1 Assassination Rogues


Can’t wait to see you and others still crying about Rogues in 9.1.


They’ll ask for nerfs when they start dying thanks of the thousand bleeds and poisons while the Rogue is not even targetting them.

Even though the damag probably won’t be high enough to kill them without presure from the Rogue but they’ll cry anyways.


Hemotoxin in its current iteration will make rogues flood the ladder.



The reason I play rogue and mage is because they each always have at least one viable spec to play.

I want a third alt to have fun in just BGs but I’m not sure what I wanna play yet. Maybe I’ll wait till 9.1 and roll a Fotm


Even without the conduit rogues are just fine. Rogue/mage combo has always been able to just delete a player from the match with ease due to how easy and low-risk poly is to get off and for rogues to sap/blind.

Rogues will never not be annoying. But if the restealth conduit is getting nerfed, very glad to see that go


Hemotoxin stacking with wound+master poisoner is a 63% ms. I think we’ll be ok


The 4 second shield will only keep them from full healing, it won’t stop them from restealthing and getting another opener on you. And a good rogue will probably still be able to get enough separation to re with or without the conduit anyway.


I guess they forgot that 90% of us rogues already know how to watch dot ticks and stealth + step to you inbetween.


My Rogue and other Rogues are probably going to go assa and uh it looks like the OP doesn’t know what the new Hemotoxin honor talent does for Assassin Rogues. That being said there might be more changes that could keep Sub viable too.

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LMFAO @ these replies. The shield only lasting 4 sec is an absolute game changer for rogues. Everyone trying to act like it isn’t REALLY doesn’t understand the impact of that change.

ESPECIALLY for RM teams who right now play without a care in the world due to rogue being able to endlessly restealth with any dots on him and mage being completely broken as Night Fae with Triune.

It’s ok you don’t have to be excited about the change ill be excited for both of us.


Hate to tell you but assassination rogues are absolutely destroying people on the PTR. You as a priest should be terrified :rofl:


Assass is gonna be insane. Shiv 40% ms 9 sec duration on a 25 sec cd makes shiv do so many things for one button press.

The nerf to MA will push out more leggos that has better synergy with Asssass toolkit anyways.


Nobody is using MA with assassination anyways unless they’re really bad.

And I’ll just be able to immediately re stealth if a dot breaks my shield and knocks me out, re applying the shield lol.

Sub will still be the noob stomper spec (which is why so many people complain about it…noobs haha) while assassination will be the arena spec.

No doubt assassination will be strong. Doesn’t really have anything to do with what I am saying. I will take having to outplay rogues that just watching them repeatedly stealth endlessly. If they are unable to just restealth and open that means they are out taking damage. I am ok with that tradeoff.

By the way I don’t really hate on rogues in general. the stealth shield was a stupid addition to the game. Can’t express that though without everyone flocking here telling me about Sin Rogues XD.

Yeah stealth conduit shouldn’t be there in the first place. But I’m happy that they’re acknowledging how broken it is and doing something about it rather than just keeping it the same way. But still I look at it as a nerf because you can’t just sit in stealth all day.